New York Islanders v Pittsburgh Penguins

I don’t normally do this, but there’s a lot of little news items this afternoon, and while none of the tidbits are particularly earth-shattering, knowing stuff is fun so I thought I’d pass along the information to you.

Did you know…

* The New York Islanders are going to lose Mark Streit? He wanted a three year deal, but the Isles see the decline coming, and don’t feel like ponying up the extra dough (I know, you’re shocked). Streit will be a 36 year old UFA. Want him?

**Mark Streit won’t return to the Islanders – Arthur Staple, Newsday**

* The Colorado Avalanche hired Francois Allaire to be their goalie coach. I have no idea is Francois Allaire is a good goalie coach or not, but I do know that he’s A) the most famous one, B) the one who just walked away from the Leafs, and C) older, which is good, because now the Avs are fully set to own when they invent a time machine, and he coaches Roy in net with Sakic up front. …Again.

Alex Auld approves:

Right on.

* Mike Richards isn’t playing tonight because he’s concussed. He’s concussed, and I don’t care what you say. Yes he is. Or he’d be playing.

**Richards out for Game 3, Pro Hockey Talk**

* The Columbus Blue Jacketss are having contract issues with Sergei Bobrovsky. “Issues” in that he doesn’t have a “contract” yet, and it’s likely the Bobrovsky camp is happy to wait until the Vezina is on the shelf and his old KHL team jacks his price up beyond belief. Tough start for the Jacket’s new GM: would like to lose Bobrovsky, or start your tenure by overpaying him?

**If Jackets are to keep Bobrovsky, it will be costly – Michael Arace, Blue Jackets Xtra**

 That’s pretty much it. Hope you learned something new.

the more you know

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  1. I’m sure it was a typo, but I love the idea of calling them the Columbus Issues.

  2. Extending Vis made Streit expendable. It would have been nice to get another year out of him but three is too much with the number of D prospects the team has knocking on the door. Streit still puts up good numbers but he has definitely slowed down a step in his own end. He was often in the third pair/PP specialist role this season and there is no reason to overpay for that. Matt Donovan was tied for 1st in defenseman scoring in the AHL so I’m sure he can at least play that role. Some team with PP issues will certainly pick him up (hopefully not the Rangers) but he’s kinda redundant for the Islanders at this point.

    • Teams with PP issues? Had no idea Streit would akin to on-ice Viagra!

      Sorry, I couldn’t resist my 12-year-old inner child with maturity problems.

      But I agree with your assessment. In the Isles’ series against the Pens, I’d say Streit didn’t play worse than the other d-men, but he didn’t play better. And now that the Isles’ are returning to the playoff contender status, I think management is right to keep him from getting the contract he wants and only offering the contract he deserves.

  3. I feel kind of nitpicky pointing this out, but for the record, Allaire wasn’t canned by the Leafs, he quit in a huff.

  4. Colorado was the only NHL team to not have a goalie coach on staff… Can you count the number of goalies that have thrived there since Roy? ZERO.

    This is a FANTASTIC hire for Colorado… It could even get Calvin Pickard’s stock back up to where it was when he was chosen in the second round in 2010.

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