Chicago Blackhawks v Los Angeles Kings - Game Four

Friday! Fun show today, on which Noon, Lewis and I discussed:

* The Blackhawks win in LA

* Opponent’s being hindered by porn stars in LA, or something

* Marian Hossa the Great

* Brian Bickell earning next year’s money

* The Pens fight for survival

* Gregory Campbell’s injury

* And so, so much more

You can listen to it here:


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Comments (2)

  1. You guys should find some theme music for the time in the show when you turn it over to Ryan for tweets and e-mails.

  2. Woot! I was embarrassed when you guys knew so much about who doesn’t wear a visor & I couldn’t even begin to ponder the question…but today I knew those 3 teams/years for the 3-0 comebacks (maybe bc I’m a Boston fan)

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