Sunday Funnies: Milk Carton

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Sunday Funnies is a feature brought to you by Stevie Roxelle, because hockey is actually a pretty fun game and we run enough “here’s a terribly violent hit” posts here at Backhand Shelf.

Stevie Roxelle is a talented illustrator, cartoonist and biologist that currently lives in Sharks territory. You can find more of her work at the webcomic Biscuit Fox and at her online print shop, and you can follow her on twitter @stevieroxelle. Captions are her comments, enjoy!



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  1. Kinda looks more like MA Fleury to me.

  2. That’s pretty stupid. Anyone who watched the series (not just the stat sheet) and knows anything about hockey would have seen one bad game from Sid. Otherwise, he showed tremendous effort, owned the face-off circle and played inspired hockey. He just couldn’t beat a hot goalie. IMO, he solidified his position as the no. 1 player in the world.

    • it’s a joke relax

    • @Reid I have a different understanding of owning the face off circle in a series (besides one bad game), which you claim Crosby did. He’s percentages during the series: 35.29, 44.44, 55.26 and 41.67. Maybe you should check the stat sheet besides watching before making any claims.

      @Rick Just FYI Crosby played against Boychuk and Ference more than Chara. Malkin faced him and Seidenberg. Quite a bit of the kudos for keeping Crosby of the stat sheet belong to Bergeron and his line.

  3. @Reid, 0 points in124:08 TOI. In the playoffs, goals are what win games. So while you may think he played hard, he didn’t show up on the sheet. Hence the “missing” joke. If I didn’t like ruining jokes so much by explaining them, then I guess you’d never know.

  4. Wait wait, maybe if she made it a stat sheet instead of a milk carton you would have got it?

  5. I think Reid “got” the joke. He was pointing out what everyone saw: yes Crosby was missing on the stat sheet but the series was more a testament to how tremendous Rask (and Chara) played than it was a testament to Crosby playing poorly.

  6. It must be a cultural misunderstanding on my part then, because in my country, when people are put on milk cartons it is because they are missing, not poor hockey players.

  7. I believe Crosby was either hurt, or just weak because I assume he lost weight/muscle mass with his jaw injury. He was trying but wasn’t himself. He didn’t have that extra gear, and wasn’t dominating physically along the boards. He usually comes out with the puck, and find an open teamate, but he was falling to the ice much more often than usual.

    And yes, Boston played a great series against him ( and every other Pens BTW ).

    • Crosby was pushed every once in a while, thus the falling down.

      As for Crosby being tired, my primary guess is because Coach Dan Bylsma had him on the ice for a large chunk of the double overtime game.

      I agree that Crosby did not take it up a notch. May have been a lot of things, but I think he struggled in the beginning of the series because he was cleared for a “normal” helmet the week before the series started. Perhaps Crosby’s regular helmet adjustment, plus getting pushed around (justifiably) may have made him hesitant?

      He looked like a beast when he kept playing without his helmet, though. No hesitation there!

      • So he looked tentative with a normal helmet on but like a beast without any helmet?

        How then can you blame the helmet?

        • The helmet came off in game three, Doh.

          Crosby had games 1 and 2 to reaclimate himself to wearing the regular helmet.

          Do you remember what his protective helmet looked like? Crosby said it took Him a while to adjust to the regular helmet after spending weeks in the protective one.

      • Also, I am very impressed by Crosby… I mean, I had no clue he was a time-lord! How else do you explain his tired play in games 1 and 2 along with the first half of 3 on having long shifts in Game 3 double OT

        • Well, Doh, I think everyone looked tired for games 1 and 2. They hadn’t played for over a week before game one started. Both Boston and Pittsburgh looked rusty.

    • I wondered the same thing (Crosby hurt or ill). There was a weird extra-curricular in the last game where he got shoved from behind and fell down. I remember thinking, “that’s weird”. It just seemed like something I would do, not they guy whose “lower body makes jeans look like football pants” .
      Then I watched the CBC “Karma Police” intro and it is on full display (as is the kind of lost child look caught so well in the cartoon)
      And let me go on record that I did not find this cartoon funny!
      I did , however, find it DAMN funny!

  8. I do find this damn funny, because whenever Crosby goes missing in the playoffs, the apologists start appearing. Crosby had a bad series. Get over it. The cartoon captured it. And yes, please make him shave the mustache.

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