Ottawa Senators v Montreal Canadiens - Game Five

Nick Kypreos shared the news on Twitter earlier today, and he’s usually pretty reliable:

So there you have it.

Subban tied Kris Letang for the league lead in points by a d-man with 38 in 42 games. He’s not the first guy you’d be pick from a pool of every defenseman in the NHL, but there’s no denying he had one heck of a season. You can check out how I voted for this award here.

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  1. I hope this is a one off practice of announcing the award winners via the media like this. Even if the presentation sometimes fails, I do enjoy the NHL Award Show at the end of the season. It seems way better than announcing the awards like this.

  2. Suter got hosed, but it probably doesn’t help Montreal has 15 voters and Minnesota has 3.

  3. I quickly ran to my online betting site, but betting is closed….damn!

  4. Nice to see that scoring points = good defensemen.

    Chalk up another player getting an award they don’t deserve. Weee

    • Like it or not you have to have a good offensive season to be considered.

      The problem is nobody really deserves it this year. Suter and Weber had slow starts. Chara had a poor offensive season. Letang isn’t great defensively. Karlsson was injured, Lidstrom is gone. Who truly deserves it more than PK ? My choice would have been Weber.

    • The guy wracked up 38 points, he was a + 12. He had the second highest amount of points for the entire team, a team that he helped bring from last place to second in the East. He hits hard, and he has a lot of grit. He deserves it 100%

      • You know it !!! Well deserved. From the moment P.K. broke into the NHL, people had it in for him and for no reason. The guy gets excited and brings thrills to the fans and he gets burned at the stake for it

        • For no reason? Questionable hits and frequent embellishment sound like solid reasons to me to dislike a player…

  5. Actually i have to admit that i am very surprise with this post. I voted for PK but i thought he wouldnt win because of all the haterz around the league and the fact thats he was competing with Letang in the East for the vote. Suter was alone in the west so was most likely to win it because he had the majority of reporter. Anyways congrats to PK if this true GO HABS GO

    • You do realize that the finalists are simply the top vote earners, right? It’s not like the votes are divided solely among those three.

  6. I’m a Pens fan and to be honest I was surprised Letang even got the nomination. The guy is a complete defensive liability and has been for some time, was on the ice for 7 of 12 Boston goals. Just make a defensive Art Ross type trophy for guys like him. I hope they trade his ass this offseason.

  7. Your ballot selections makes it clear you must be an Edmonton fan? Otherwise a couple of those choices are just flat weird.

    Also the fact that Chara isn’t the obvious clear cut Norris winner is bizarre. He’s undoubtedly the best defenseman whether you hate Boston or not.

    • Chara had his worst offensive season since his first in Ottawa. He’s no longer the clearcut best defenseman, as he had a poor year.

      • Who cares abt offense for a defenseman? Ask every single coach in the nhl which defenseman they would put on their blue line if they could pick any single player. 99% would say Chara.

  8. When did the Norris Trophy become the ‘defenseman with the most PP points’ trophy?? Suter got hosed. Chara was jobbed (he wasn’t even nominated!) JUNK! This is a joke!

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