Boston Bruins v Chicago Blackhawks

Holy smokes, the Stanley Cup Final starts tonight! That means we broke down the final every which way possible, including:

* Who’s better up front?

* On the back-end?

* In net?

* On special teams?

We also listened to some player presser audio and chatted about that.

You can listen to it here:

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  1. Off-topic, but from when you guys were wondering if anyone was right around the visor threshold:

    “Washington Capitals defenceman Steve Oleksy played 28 games this season as a 27-year-old rookie, just beyond the threshold required to keep the choice not to wear a visor.

    “Oh, man. I got lucky,” he said.”

    From a National Post article about the visor rule coming into effect.

  2. I believe what Jake is referring to, for the facial hair discussion, as a goatee is actually called a “Van Dyke”. For reference,

  3. “Toews easily frustrated” is a meme for you guys? Rask is impenetrable in net? Oh please. Toews regularly faces every team’s pest player and doesn’t really care. He got pissed off once when the refs were calling the game unevenly. The whole thing turned out not to matter because he recovered and in subsequent games stuck it to the Kings definitively. Hawks won that one in five, even with Toews so-called “frustrated”.

    As far as Rask playing out of his skull… well. Everyone knows that Quick played out of his skull against the Sharks, and the Hawks had no chance coming in against such a hot goaltender. Quick was great, was fantastic, was putting up record numbers, was superman in net. Look how well that held up.

  4. As soon as Toews abandons his Amish thing and clips that thing into some serious bad-ass side burns – Big ‘ole chops… Then he’ll turn his playoffs around. You can see it in his eyes.. he’s embarrassed of that ridiculous mess he’s wearing.

  5. The modern modified “bell-bottoms” are “boot cut” jeans.

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