Detroit Red Wings v Chicago Blackhawks - Game Seven

G’day! Excellent first game of the Final, as you well know by now. John, Jake and I picked it apart, discussing:

* Did the Blackhawks try to out-Bruin the Bruins?

* The Shaw/Bolland line

* What’s with the Too Many Men penalties?

* Andrew Shaw loves shinpads and cursing

* Talking yourself into skating in OT 3

* And so much more. Like, y’know, the whole game

You can listen to it here:

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  1. Here’s the thing about #shitstain and Brian Engblom: yes, they’re annoying and I wish they’d always shut up, but when your job is to go up to coaches and players in warm ups and during a game to basically say “stop focusing on winning this game and give me a sound bite for TV,” you probably kind of need to be an obnoxious twerp with no self-awareness.

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