dvr oops

I love that the above picture from Reddit Hockey came with the caption “I was sure I did the right thing by adding two hours to the DVR recording of the game before I left the house. That is until…”

Check that out – the game-winner is scored with 7:52 remaining on the clock.

Call me crazy, but two hours should be more than enough time. Hilarious to have it fall six seconds short.

(S/t BullOSullivan)

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  1. For anyone who didn’t get the full game, there are a few YouTube users who have been positing pretty good versions of each game about 48 hours after they air. Just save ‘em as MP4s and watch them on your PS3.

  2. I was working last night and also set my recording for 2 hours extra just in case. Luckily for me, it finished literally 3 seconds after the puck went in the net.

  3. Rams-Patriots Super Bowl.

    I had to work that night and had set my VCR (pre-TiVo/DVR days) to record the game. NO ONE ruined anything about the game for me. My only concern was that maybe I didn’t set the tape long enough.

    I got home knowing NOTHING, so I got to watch it cold. My roommates told me they noticed the time and actually bumped it up for me (Good looking out, roomies!), and after making sure I knew nothing about the game, they left (they knew what I was about to discover).

    I got to Adam Vinitieri lining up to take the field goal at the end of the game; they went to that wide, back shot view they always do for field goals and…… tape stopped.

    No more room. Colorful language, and furniture, was tossed.

  4. I always set my DVRs to record 3h beyond live events.
    Same thing for scheduled shows AFTER live events. (Spouse’s example: Good Wife often is delayed by Sunday sports.)

    Better to burn through the DVRs than burn up myself while watching…

    • Yeah I like the Amazing Race but never watch it live. During NFL season it never starts on time so I end up adding 90 minutes to it.

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