Oh man, is this an amazing .GIF of Hjalmarsson seeing Milan Lucic coming and pulling the ‘chute. He looks like he freed the heel of his boot from the railroad tracks right before the train came.

(S/t theduckmanz)

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  1. This just made my day. Never seen someone scamper away from contact like that…

  2. Priceless footage of “soft” Swede running like a banshee as freight train known as Milan Lucic approaches!

    Ha! Ha!

  3. Give the guy a little credit, he at least got the puck up the boards to Bolland before yanking that rip cord.

  4. Well, he made the play, got an easy breakout for Bolland, and avoided contact with a much stronger player so…
    He should’ve tried to hit Lucic??? For what?

    • Clearly because it’s not manly enough!

      Seriously though, just because it was the smart play doesn’t mean it was any less amusing a sight.

      • What makes the gif funny is the little shuffle/flail right as he pokes the puck up the boards and starts to turn back towards Lucic.

        Either he sees him and has a mini-freak out or he stumbles as he pivots. Either way it’s hilarious and a great hockey play on Hjalmarsson’s part.

    • This. A million times, this.

      Made the play avoided unnecessary contact and potential (however slight) risk of injury. That’s the right play.

      With that said, it is humorous to watch.



  7. this is all i hear when i watch this: http://youtu.be/ZQhX1O55EbA

  8. Its a good play that gets made 10 times per night because boarding is allowed when you do it to a defenseman. If a defender did that to a forward in the offensive end we’d be talking about how dumb it was for him to take such an unnecessary penalty.

  9. Looch days “sit the F down!!”

  10. lucic is a young beast ;)))

  11. lucic destroys all and love it…..

  12. I cant stop laughing at this lolol the big bad bruins and big bad looooch……. cant get enough…..

  13. I would skate the other way too ,looch is a beast…I want to live lololol

  14. Shades of Terry Tate here

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