Nobody has ever said the Detroit Red Wings aren’t a top-notch organization. Well actually, some jealous people have, but any team that makes playoffs 22 straight years and accumulates four Cups along the way is a-okay in my books.

Sometimes it’s all about doing the little things right, like sending your team plane to help your AHL prospects get to upstate New York quicker after a tough post-season loss. Looks like a decent sky shuttle too. And hey, they’re not using it right now, so what the heck. I thought this was pretty cool.

(S/t Kukla’s Korner)

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  1. I wonder how often or if many parent organizations help out their lower ones in substantial ways, this is a good move by Detroit!

    • Some owners definitely show a greater sensitivity/generosity in this regard – The Lightning’s Jeff Vinik flew the Bolts’ players, coaches and management up to Boston (on his private jet) so they could attend (former Tampa player) Dominic Moore’s wife’s funeral (after cancer tragically claimed Katie Moore’s life) – This, even though Moore had been traded, a year earlier, to the San Jose Sharks.

      It’s the way one thinks business SHOULD be done by any franchise aspiring to be termed “a world-class organization”.

      Such a decision – flying the Griffins into Syracuse, on a private charter – definitely reflects positively on the Ilitch Family’s commitment to their Hockey-family; top-to-bottom.

    • The Caps provided their plane for the Hershey Bears a few years ago when the won back to back Calded Cups (vs. Manitoba and Texas). They called it Bear Force One.

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