Patrick Kane is easily one of the league’s most interesting player. Last night the NHL slapped a mic on him for the game, and they picked a good one to do it. He scored (“That’s how we play the game!”), and was on the ice when Seabrook ended it with a bomb (“Seabsy-baby!”). The NHL does a nice job splicing the video together, showing him calling for the puck as “Seabsy” bombs one home.

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  1. yea he even sounds like a douche,

  2. Hey Justin,

    Any chance for an analysis on Chara’s game last night? If I am reading the stat sheet correctly, Chara was on the ice for at least 5 of the chicago goals.

  3. bruins announcers..bruin refs… disgusting…ron mclean sounded like he was gonna cry when siging off… so sad…and down… no emotion or excitement. when commentators talk together its all..BRUINS BRUOINS this and bruins that…like they were doing canada at the olympics. good on chara to be flattened…all the times he gooned habs and leafs and everyone else. thiugs lose!! mclean cries! chara whines!! ooowwaaa

  4. Him trying to make that many S sounds while the mouth guard is in is hilarious.

  5. He doesn’t say Seabsy baby he says GG, GG boys.

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