Image via Glenn Street

Image via Glenn Street

There are some terrible floods in Calgary right now, and the home of the Flames has been far from spared. Reports have the water as high as the 10th row in the building.

Scary situation going on there right now.

And finally, this image was retweeted by Mike Commodore:


Here’s another image from Sportsnet:


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  1. Brutal, I’m a Calgary kid currently out of town. So sad to see the city being destroyed . Especially the dome, so many memories there. Stay safe Calgary, and Alberta in general.

  2. For some reason Francis’ tweet about the 1989 photo was what brought it all home for me … it’s so surreal seeing everyone reposting flood photos of neighbourhoods where you grew up (and I worked on the Stampede grounds for five years), but that emotional connection to the Flames just killed me.

    Hope everyone in Calgary is safe. :|

  3. I’m in town right now. This is bad. Pouring rain currently. Everyone sticking together though. Appreciate the well wishes.

  4. : (

    So sorry for everyone in Calgary dealing with this.

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  6. Calgary flames are babys they suck and they cant play hockey oilers rock fuck yea

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    • Dear mis-guided one,

      May the infinite creator bless your sould and guide you pn your path, for you have deveated in a most un-fortunate way.

      I hope your Karmic debts will be repayed in the most graceful way possible.

  12. jordan i dont think your parents raise u right maybe going back to school would b your best interest cause no one on here seem to like your comments u realy r a stupid person coming on here talking the way u r after people in calgary r having a tragedy like this and u seem to think its funny any way prick fuck u

    • Well than prick fuck u to and i an not a teanager anymore. I also ment the flames not the people of calgary retared.

  13. Would u trade Mike cammilare or alex tungay

  14. Pleased to report that Jordan has lost commenting privileges on Backhand Shelf.

  15. for all calgarians my heart crys for u all i like calgary and i did live there for 14 years so hurts me inside to see all these tragic pics of the saddledome and all over the place may u all b blessed and stay warm and safe

  16. Jeez some people have too much time on their hands.

    Prayers for everybody in Calgary. It’s infuriating that a major Canadian city is getting swallowed up by a river, and I have to keep tabs on this tragedy through hockey blogs and tweets. The American media sucks.

    And one horribly selfish and inappropriate request — bring the Flames back to Atlanta for a year while they get the arena situation straight. I miss the NHL!

  17. Jeff, don’t be hard on the US media; most media can be locally focused. For easy access to quality info search abfloods or yycfloods on twitter. Major news outlets, and gov’ts are using that hashtag.
    (For interesting news on Calgary’s amazing mayor, twitter search nenshi or nap4nenshi.)
    Calgary is an wonderful, community minded city which is pulling together to get the city, surrounding towns, and the Stampede back to some semblance of normal.
    It’s so hard to see the destruction of homes, businesses and how it’s affecting people’s lives. I’m sure everyone in calgary appreciates your kind thoughts.

  18. Very Sad
    We always keep a first aid kit for tackle any accidental situation.

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