Lindy will rip the still-beating heart from your chest if you don't give him 110%.

Lindy will rip the still-beating heart from your chest if you don’t give him 110%.

As a hardcore hockey fan consuming hockey blogs in June, let me tell you something, friend, you have hit the jackpot. Ohhhh, the news. The news just won’t stop today.

Okay, that’s semi-sarcastic because none of the good stuff involves actual players, but whatever – let’s talk coaches and GMs!

Pa-hoenix has extended Dave Tippett for five more seasons

I’m a huge fan of what Dave Tippett has done in Phoenix, what with making all that chicken salad from chicken s**t and all. He’s made an organization that could’ve been a laughingstock into a consistent contender, so if they can get him locked up for five more years, standing O for them. Good on ‘em for recognizing what they have and rewarding it.

Buuuuuuut don’t you kinda wonder what Tippett himself is doing? The whole issue of “which city is this team going to be in” is still unsettled, and they’re always likely to spend minimally, so basically Tippett said “Yes, I commit to leaving in either Phoenix, Seattle or Quebec City” (can you think of three more different cities?) and work with a roster on a budget that I’m still completely unaware of.”

I guess you take five-year head coaching jobs where you can get ‘em, but you’d think an established dude like him would be like “I’ma need a few more details first, kthxbai.”

Dallas has officially named Lindy Ruff their head coach

From @SN_Paul_Nisely

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Oh, it’s going to work so well.

I actually think it’s a quality idea hiring a recognizable name in Dallas. Not that you need attention as a franchise or anything, but not every free agent likes going to a team that people have to be periodically reminded exists. I mean, no disrespect to the Stars, a well-run organization with some quality players, they just don’t come up much.

So new GM Jim Nill grabs Gonchar, hires Ruff, the team gets new digs, they’ll be seen more all over with realignment… right on. I could use a little more Dallas Stars in my life.

The Rangers introduced Alain Vigneault as their coach today

But you already knew that. They just officially trotted him out to the public today.

I said this on the podcast, I just don’t really get why any team would offer a coach a five year deal. If Alain Vigneault won’t take a three-year contract to coach the New York Rangers, I don’t think the drop-off in coaching ability is going to be that far to find a guy who will.

I DO suppose the Rangers are completely unafraid to say after two years “Here’s the six shmill we owe you, eff off, we’re ready for someone else,” but still. Dogs look at coaches and shake their head in pity over their lifespans. Why over-promise?

Predators’ GM David Poile will be named the manager of Team USA

I look forward to Team Canada facing a team headlining Paul Gaustad, David Legwand and Jonathan Blum.

But seriously, this is fine. If the American side has decided they’re done with Brian Burke, Poile is an extremely worthy candidate – he’s done well consistently for years with a limited budget in Nashville. Well, at least the budget used to be limited before Weber and Rinne’s deal.

It’ll be fun to see how he fills out the bottom of the roster after grabbing the obvious top-end guys.