(Jim Rogash, Getty Images)

While some Bruins fans shut down emotionally in response to Blackhawks goals, others had a far stronger and more Ugh-ful reaction. (Jim Rogash, Getty Images)

Hockey Ughs is the cynical sister to Puck Daddy’s Hockey Hugs, a feature written by my same-sex blog-partner Harrison Mooney from Pass it to Bulis. While Hockey Hugs highlights the joy of scoring a goal and celebrating it with your bestest buds, Hockey Ughs highlights the agony of the other team’s fans right behind the glass, watching those hugs.


When last we left Hockey Ughs, we had just finished with the second round of the playoffs, which means there are a plethora of Ughs from the Conference Finals and the Stanley Cup Final. We’ll get to those a little later, but first we have a very special edition of Hockey Ughs.

You see, it’s not every day that the Stanley Cup is won on enemy ice, particularly not in such dramatic fashion, with the home team leading the game heading into the final minutes, only to have the game tying and winning goals score in a 17-second span.

The Chicago Blackhawks’ shocking comeback left the Boston Bruins fans in the building shocked and bewildered. And, of course, the cameras focussed on the Blackhawks’ celebrations captured some of those fans and their looks of disbelief and despair. Here are the finest Hockey Ughs of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final:

Jonathan Toews needs prayer

(Bruce Bennett, Getty Images)

(Bruce Bennett, Getty Images)

The Ughs got started with Jonathan Toews game-tying goal in the second period, which came after the Bruins absolutely dominated the opening frame but could only manage one goal.

171458426 - praying for releaseToews’ goal seemed to inspire religious dread, as this woman immediately began praying as soon as the puck crossed the line.

Are you for us or for our enemies?

Wait, are you seriously asking God if he’s a Bruins fan or a Blackhawks fan?

It’s a reasonable question.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that question before. I’m pretty sure Joshua asked that exact same question back in the Old Testament. You know what the answer was? Neither.

Aw, nertz.

171458426 - noooooMeanwhile, there’s this lady in the upper right, who is taking the opportunity to re-enact  Darth Vader’s painfully melodramatic “No!” from Star Wars Episode 3, which is weird, because that movie doesn’t exist.

Either that or she’s just really tired. To be fair, the game did blow right through naptime.





Bros flipping birds

(Elsa, Getty Images)

(Elsa, Getty Images)

I just really want to highlight these two delightful bros…

171458428 - bro birds

…mainly because they were featured on the NHL.com homepage:

All Chi Wrote



Bryan Bickell helps a father and daughter bond

(Brian Babineau, Getty Images)

(Brian Babineau, Getty Images)

Bryan Bickell’s game-tying goal with just over a minute remaining was an incredible moment for Blackhawks fans and neutral party fans who just want to see some entertaining, nail-biting hockey. For Bruins fans, however, it was a shocking and deflating moment. Conveniently, a father-daughter duo demonstrated both shock and deflation right next to Bickell’s vociferous celebration.

171460435 - father daughter despairThe best part about this is that the dad isn’t even trying to comfort his daughter, who is clearly flabbergasted. He’s just absolutely crushed and can only collapse his head onto her shoulder.

On the plus side, this is an emotional moment that they were able to share together, strengthening the bonds of love between the two of them and allowing them to open up to each other in future moments of disappointment and loss.

On the negative side, no parade. So that’s a bummer.


That’s it, we’re out of here

(Brian Babineau, Getty Images)

(Brian Babineau, Getty Images)

Dave Bolland’s goal was the truly crushing blow, coming so quickly on the heels of Bickell’s tying marker that Bruins fans barely had time to fully process their emotions. Hence, this couple’s immediate and irrational retreat towards the exit.

171460432 - taking off

This is the rare Hockey Ugh where the faces are entirely unimportant. They’re registering they’re disgust with their actions: in this case, leaving an elimination game in the Stanley Cup Final with 59 seconds remaining on the clock.

They were potentially missing one of the greatest moments in Bruins’ history, as the team could have rallied with the net empty to bang home a quick goal, forcing the game into overtime, where a Bruin sure to have street named after him in the future, could have won the game, sending the series to Game 7. Instead, they left.

171463575 - taking off 2Yep, there they go.

I can understand leaving a regular season game early, to a certain extent, but to leave a Stanley Cup Final game that you undoubtedly paid a premium price to attend? I just don’t get it.

Possible reasons they had to leave:

- Just found out house is on fire.

- Just found out car is on fire.

- Just found out that Bruce Willis was dead the whole time and feel the urgent need to re-watch The Sixth Sense with this information in mind. Also, both the house and the car are on fire.


Ending on a positive note

171463279 - Jared Wickerham

(Jared Wickerham, Getty Images)

There were more despairing Bruins fans that I could have highlighted — many more — but now is not the time to truly rub it in. Maple Leafs fans are already doing enough of that.

So, for once, I want to end Hockey Ughs on a positive note with this charming photograph to the left. This was during the Blackhawks’ celebrations at centre ice at TD Garden when the players’ family and friends joined them.

This Bruins fan not only stuck around for the Blackhawks’ raising of the Stanley Cup, he also took a picture of their kids delightfully posing with one finger upraised to remind him that all others, including the Bruins, are number two or lower.

I see two possible scenarios here: in the first, this Bruins fan was taking pictures of the entire celebration and this group of kids ran up and posed for him.

In the second, the kids wanted a picture taken, but all of the adults on the ice were too busy lifting the Stanley Cup, putting babies in the Stanley Cup, or swearing during live interviews on CBC.  This lone Bruins fan, however, wasn’t busy at all and volunteered to take a picture for them.

I prefer the second scenario.