I feel like your average hockey fan doesn’t realize how often refs communicate with players, especially at the higher levels. You get to know one another, form relationships (not all good, of course), and try to find a way to work together. Stuff like “Hey buddy, if I see you try to sneak in one more shot I’m calling it, so don’t be upset when I do. Ball’s in your court” is a nightly occasion.

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  1. If the NHL was smart (Yeah, I know:) ), they would put many more of these mic’d sessions of the refs out during the year to help the fans understand what the refs see, hear, say and react to players and coaches in certain situations. I think it could go a long way with the average fan.

    • This is fantastic. The NHL definitely needs to do more of this. The average fan has no idea how many warnings or previous incidents go into a ref calling a penalty, all they see is one tiny slash or jab on the replay and wonder why it gets called when so much else is let go…

      More of this please.

  2. I would pay an obscene amount of money to get the nhl with mics and no announcers. I wanna hear scrums and chirps and strategies. Not “great save, Crawford” no shit, I saw it, now hows about hearing guys at the bench riding the guy for not scoring.

  3. It’s amazing how much this sounds like a playoff game in my scrub league… the back-and-forth is immediately familiar. God I love hockey.

  4. This is fantastic, thanks for posting. I definitely agree this could go a long way toward helping fans understand the difficulty that is refereeing. I remember seeing some documentary on NHL Network a couple years back about a minor league ref’s journey to the NHL. I was riveted, unexpectedly so.

    On another note, I can’t count how many times I saw Julien speak quietly to #63. Now I’m sure quite a bit of it was instigated by the refs. Again, not something immediately graspable.

  5. Motor Mommy is not familiar with these folks (she must have been living under a rock, huh, Texas?!).
    I’ll get her right on it!
    Purrs, Sundae
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