The day after the Bruins lost, Zdeno Chara took his daughter to an amusement park, because he’s an all around stand-up guy and hadn’t been able to for awhile. That led to this photograph of him, still with his playoff beard intact, riding the Rowdy Rooster. I can’t believe this is a real picture.

Chara, best. Just the best.

For more on his trip to the amusement park, here ya go.

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  1. Did he crosscheck the Rooster ? I guess not, since there wasn’t a whistle to mark the onset of crosscheck time.

  2. Family > Hockey

    Besides making your kids smile is one on the best ways to get over a huge disapointment.

  3. Canobie Lake is a great place for young kids. Good on Zee for being a wonderful dad.

  4. Zdeno Chara should be the poster for all amusement parks and their “you must be this tall to ride” signs. The knee would be the measuring point for most of the rides.

  5. I worked at Canobie Lake Park two summers as a kid. I was 15 and 16. Made $4.25/hour. It was special.

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