Tampa Bay Lightning v Winnipeg Jets

The answer: more or less most of the league, depending on cost.

Vincent Lecavalier was slated to cost a cap hit of over $7.7 million a season until 2020 (and earn 10 million real dollars a year until 2016)…

But will instead have to settle for 2/3rds of the money over twice the term. Which means he gets like, over 30 million over the next 14 years, and can still sign another lucrative contract with another NHL team, which he probably will because he’s 33 years old and coming off a season where he tallied 32 points in 39 games, and can bring a whole lot more than purely points. So…

Vinny, can we please borrow money? Like, all of us? Thanks.

Here are the hard details from Pierre LeBrun:

Here’s what the GM of the Lightning, Steve Yzerman, had to say in a press release:

“Vinny has been a significant reason for many of our past successes, including the 2004 Stanley Cup, and his contributions to the community are immeasurable,” said Yzerman upon announcing the buyout. “The Lightning organization is indebted to Vinny; we thank him for all he has done here and we wish him well as he moves forward.

“After much internal deliberation, we believe this will prove to be a pivotal move for us as we strive to achieve our long term goal of competing at the highest level, year-in, year-out. The economics and structure of the CBA are necessitating this decision and we at the Lightning are excited at the newly created opportunities this presents to us.”

Obviously it wasn’t easy for Tampa.

As I said earlier in the post, there is going to be a ton of interest in a big body dude like Lecavalier who can help offensively, isn’t afraid to get dirty, and has been a captain since about 1463 or so. I forget the exact year.

Stay tuned, it’ll be interesting to find out who ponies up the most dough for him. Let the rumblings begin…Montreal, Toronto, Philly, Vancouver…

Vincent Lecavalier is the Lightning’s all-time leader in games played (1,037), goals (383), power play goals (112) and game-winning goals (60).



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  1. When will NHL GMs realize that they can skip the annoyance of the intermediary steps of signing players and just go straight to burning stacks of money?

  2. I suspect his agent may be getting a phone call from a certain Marc Bergevin some day soon.

    Would never have thought that the Lightning would actually buy him out though. Pretty shocked about this.

  3. So it begins the era in hockey when the players get signed for crazy amounts of money then play like average players forcing teams to buy them out to stay within cap space and moving on to the next victim. The system is so upside down these guys really showed their true colors with the lockout and it was felt close to home by so many fans struggling with jobs, it was like rubbing salt in wounds for some fans. But the game has taken a new twist with the buy out option. Listen no player should be signed for more then one year at a time it may create more paper work but the product will improve dramatically guaranteed. We as fans deserve a better product for the money they charge, lets be real.

  4. obvious sane and logical answer would be to eliminate guaranteed contracts so those schmos have to perform day in day out like us mere mortals or else they get fired.

    however i guess the PA might have an issue with allowing that :-)

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