Wirtz letter

Apologies if it’s tough to read, but I assume you have one of those magnifying zoomy options on your computer, so hopefully you’re find it legible. It came across my computer from a Jeff O’Neill tweet, in which he added the text “If you’re a fan of sport and what hockey represents you’ll like this.” Well said.

It’s a letter from Rocky Wirtz and the Blackhawks organization thanking the people of Boston (in the Globe) for being great hosts. Really cool stuff.

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  1. So Boston needs to be more hostile to visiting teams and fans if they want to win.

    • Hasn’t worked for Philly.

    • You said the same thing on the Puck Daddy Article and it sounded just as idiotic. Eat a bag of greasy dorks.

      • So let me get this sraight. Writing the exact same thing on a different site DOESN’T make it sound different? Man, this language thing is hard.

        Also, I am trying to eat healthy. I think I’ll pass on the bag of greasy dorks. If you find a bag without the grease let me know.

  2. The letter from the Wirtz organization and John McDonough representing the Chicago Blackhawks is one of the classiest, and only goes to prove that Hockey and Class do go together.

  3. God I wish Rocky started running my beloved Hawks earlier.

  4. I don’t remember the Boston fans being very classy when I was pelted with boos as I was carried off the ice with a broken back!! maybe things have changed?

    • It’s too bad that you play on a team where several players are intent on trading their dignity for a power play. You should check out that book “The Canucks Who Cried Wolf”.

  5. Anyone think Jacobs would have done the same in reverse?

    When you stop laughing, feel free to reply.

    • Jacobs may have written the letter but he probably would have forwarded the publishing bill to the Wirtz.

  6. “Rarely have we experienced the hospitality you afforded us throughout the playoff series…”

    Is this true, or just more “Boston Strong” bullshit?

  7. Um…. am I the only one who thinks this is anything LESS than a cunt move? They won the game and shook hands. Leave it fucking there. These guys have their heads so far up their stupid fucking asses that it triggers my gag reflex

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