Washington Capitals v Philadelphia Flyers

Alex Ovechkin! That’s who got votes! Lots and lots and lots of them.

Below is the list of players who received votes from the Professional Hockey Writers Association by position – please note that Alex Ovechkin played right wing this year, yet enough writers voted for him as a left winger (mistakenly) that he actually made both the first and second all-star teams (again, mistakenly), robbing Taylor Hall of his rightful spot on the second team (and potentially some bonus money, I’m still looking into that). You can see how I voted here for relative proof that I actually paid some attention and wasn’t on the list of oopsies.

1st Team

(LW) Chris Kunitz – (C) Sidney Crosby – (RW) Alex Ovechkin

(D) PK Subban – (D) Ryan Suter

(G) Sergei Bobrovsky

2nd Team

(LW) Alex Ovechkin – (C) Jonathan Toews – (RW) Martin St. Louis

(D) Kris Letang – (D) Francois Beauchemin

(G) Henrik Lundqvist

The Votes



Evgeni Nabokov got a first place vote.



Go Dan Girardi!



Peter Laviolette had a vote?

Right wingers

right wing

 Left wing

left wingers


Comments (30)

  1. I am very fond of Getzlaf and Giroux the right wingers.

  2. Patrick Kane’s 1 vote as the #1 LW cost him the Second Team spot at RW. Lost to St. Louis by 3 points.

  3. Kind of puts paid to the concerns the general fans had with ALL the award voting by the PHWA to be honest.

  4. andrew ladd finished a bit high for me.

  5. Taylor Hall got robbed, he is still in his entry-level contract which would have given him a pretty nice bonus if he made the second all star team..

  6. It’s 2013 – can the NHL not make a voting form on a website with dropdowns? All these dumb mistakes could have been prevented so easily.

    • This would be the same NHL who has issues approving trades because their fax machine broke. I think you are giving them too much credit assuming they can figure out a common sense logical solution like your suggestion:)

  7. Think Kane and Toews are reading this while relaxing with the Stanley Cup?

  8. Listening to Tim and Sid on this issue right now. Classic.

  9. How the hell did Marchand get two first place votes?

  10. Sure, the whole Ovechkin thing is majorly embarrassing. But I want a fact-finding mission into who gave Nabokov a first-place vote.

  11. Is here NO kessel?!!

  12. How did that ovection idk how to spell it guy get first or whatever? I don’t think he’s that good. No offence lol
    A leaf has to get in his thang

  13. I really think people shouldn’t be allowed to be 2 positions. It’s not fair for people wanting it and someone that already has one stole yours. Sad face ;( keSSeL is awesome though
    P.s is bernier good?????
    I needs to know

  14. I agree hello…
    That is so not a real name
    Awkward if it is
    No offence if it is

  15. Baby baby baby ooooo I’m like baby baby baby ooooooowwwwww that hurt

  16. It’s all kinds of Yahoo-grade comments up in here right now. Ovechkin is definitely a real name, WTF?

    That said, this whole voting thing is pretty embarrassing. Who’s giving Kane votes on LW? And St. Louis, too? And WHO gave Nabokov and MAF votes at ALL? I NEED ANSWERS.

  17. To allow someone to be on an all-star team who wasn’t officially to be considered at that position is pathetic and kind of hilarious, in a “what did you expect from the NHL” sort of way. The NHL should have bumped up Hall to the second team LW (and I’m saying this as a Caps fan).

    Oh well, at least now I can look forward to Marchand winning the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy next year.

  18. 1 vote for Marian Hossa, ONE!!! What…..a……joke

    And 2 votes for Leddy, the Hawks 5th/6th defenseman but no votes for the one guy who was on their top defensive pairing each game, Hjalmarsson.

  19. PHWA sez Vote Early and Vote Often!

  20. Al Strachan voted for Nabokov, if anyone cares

  21. By the way, who was voting for Ray Emery? The GM’s first place vote for him for the Vezina was baffling. Now it turns out that one journalists thinks he was the second best goaltender in the league and three more think he was third best? I respect him making his way back to the NHL, but that is just ridiculous…

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