Boston Bruins v Toronto Maple Leafs - Game Four

We’re back! Lots to talk about today, including…

* Seth Jones falling to the Predators

* Cory Schneider getting traded to New Jersey

* Vincent Lecavalier getting bought out, signing in Philly

* Mikhail Grabovski getting bought out

* Kris Letang re-signing for lotsa dough

* Daniel Alfredsson rumors

* What’s up with Jagr, Horton, Emery and others

You can listen to it here (NSFW intro, by the way):


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  1. Unbelievable news about Grabovski. In my opinion, he’s much better than Bozak, and is the top FA Center available now. For the Love of God, Jay Feaster had better do his best to pick him up.

    Compare the numbers over the last 3 seasons. Same GP, but Grabo had 482 shots to Bozak’s 290, Grabo was a +4 while Bozak was a -37. Get into advanced stats and it’s even more obvious – as if it wasn’t by just watching a few games – which it was. Leafs fans are very upset right now, and I feel bad for them!

  2. so now that Noon has established Nonis is an idiot and Jake is going off like..ehhh never mind it’s Jake and he does what he does best…. How about this a thought. He bought out Grabo (on it’s own it sucks sure but) and didn’t buy out Liles because perhaps a trade is in the works for a centre and that team will take a dman back??

    Just speculating of course. We will find out in a couple days if Nonis is a genius or a moron but to judge him right now based on this one move???… Holy jumping to conclusions guys. You two need to chat with @Jonana to get some ankle braces after that landing.

  3. I agree with Justin RE the Brodeurs. He is a Goalie too isn’t he? Good luck trying to ever suceed under your Dad’s shadow as Franchise Goalie. He will probably be behind the scenes pulling strings to get his son a few NHl starts.

    Imagine Schnieder “Atleast I didn’t have to deal with Luongo’s kid”

  4. When the PPP site blew up today, I was hoping the podcast would be back :) Fireworks in Toronto on the 4th of July!

  5. still demanding to know how philly can keep signing huge deals AND not be over the cap…add pitts, NYR, chicago…..

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