"Wait, what'd he say?"

“Wait, what’d he say?”

All Cory Schneider wanted was to be set free. To be what he believes he is and what he’s paid to be, a true number one goalie. A starter with a backup who gets in the crease only when he needs a break, a headache free relationship without competition…some normalcy.

I don’t think he’s going to get it.

Once stuck behind/in-front-of/with Roberto Luongo, he found himself dealt to the Devils to play with Martin Brodeur. It appears as though in that relationship he’ll once again be splitting time, this time in the role of Aaron Rodgers behind Brett Favre, waiting for the old guard to retire so he can finally, alas, have the crease all to himself.


Here’s what Brodeur had to say today:

“It’s an interesting move for me. I feel I could really help Cory. I’ll play my share of games, if our relationship is good it may drive me to stay a few more years.

“Before the trade I was probably looking at next year as my last year. Now maybe not. I see that more of a possibility now.”

Ohhh, boy.

It does make sense – less pressure and less games for Marty could mean more years. But still, I’m sure Schneider will be thrilled to hear how his presence could help prolong his own misery.

(In fairness, Brodeur did also mix in this quote: “It won’t be difficult for him. Hey, we’re in New Jersey. It’s not going to be prime time with every single start. We’ll be in Carolina and nobody will care who starts a game. If he plays four in a row, it will not be a big deal. If I play four in a year, no big deal.” So it’s not all bad. It just could be even longer before he gets his wish to be The Guy.)

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  1. “Before the trade I was probably looking at next year as my last year. Now maybe not. I see that more of a possibility now.”

    Is he saying he would be okay being a backup? Because it sounds more like he’s saying he’s going to hang on to his position. Oy…

    • I think it’ll be hard for him to give up control. He’ll probably find that he splits time about evenly this year, but next year (if he re-signs/continues to play), he’ll find that he’s the backup. He still has some left in the tank (see the playoff run to the cup finals against the Kings), but the consistency just isn’t what it used to be.

  2. Ya sure, he’d make a decent backup for Schneider.

  3. schneider was a sieve this shortened season, looked slow and when he knew he was starting the season the puck was the size of a pea and the pea fanned him like a tornado

    all fluff and hype, nucks sucked the whole NHL in

  4. Is Marty related to Brett Favre by chance? Are they fishing buddies?

  5. Is Marty still paying alimony? That’ll be a big driver for how long he sticks around.

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