Hockey players play golf. We just…do.

Playing hockey for a living means you have summers off. It probably means you probably grew up somewhere with legitimately cold winter months, which means you don’t want to waste nice days by sitting inside. You can be done with the gym and skating by like, noon. You’re probably somewhat capable athletically. You’re probably competitive. You probably like drinking beer. You probably have friends on the same schedule.

I mean…the whole thing is kind of a no-brainer.

The video above is Canadian golfer Graham DeLaet demonstrating that the feeling is mutual. He’s a Flames fan, who also happens to be top 30 in FedEx points/money, first in greens in regulation, first in actual scoring average, first in ball striking and second in par 5 scoring. Noooo big deal.

He’ll be playing in the Canadian Open this upcoming weekend, as will theScore sponsored Mackenzie Hughes. He’s our boy, so y’know, join us in rooting for him (and DeLaet too).

The golf and hockey overlap: it’s undeniable.

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  1. The feeling is not mutual. It is reciprocated.

    Saying that the feeling is mutual implies that they both love golf (I’m sure this is true too). If you meant to say that hockey players love golf and golfers love hockey, then the correct work is “reciprocated”.

  2. “Didn’t think I was good enough to be a top 700 hockey player, so I decided to be a top-150 golfer instead.” Damn.

  3. I would gladly trade my slapper for his tee shot. That looked like it went straight!!!

  4. Do not care for golf- now have new favorite golfer.

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