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Via theScore’s own Thomas Drance (pretty excited to get to use that phrasing) comes this fantastic image from the SKA Saint Petersburg website: an artist’s rendering of Ilya Kovalchuk scoring a goal during the lockout. From where I’m sitting, it absolutely confirms that he loves being a KHL player. It also confirms that that defenseman there, boy, is he frustrated by The Amazing Kovy.

I can’t be the only who feels like this is a screenshot from a Taiwanese animation video and he’s about to be shown beheading Gary Bettman or something.

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  1. someone should photoshop GB’s severed head into his right hand. Crossing the line?

  2. The snow spraying off of his skates indicate that he is stopping…but the artist was clearly trying to show him skating around the net…fail

  3. This is clearly fantasy, as no KHL team or arena is ever so gloriously free of advertising.

    Also love how the gear looks photo-realistic, as if the guy just used actual pictures for stuff he couldn’t draw and then filled in the blanks.

  4. Obviously photoshopped… He’s not holding nearly enough money in his right hand.

  5. I am sam no longer looks like such a retard

  6. Came back from S Korea last year, and this looks kinda like the communist propo that comes out of N Korea. Where everyone looks just a LITTLE too happy in the artists rendering.

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