tootoo whale

If he about to eat that raw? He is, isn’t he? He’s about to eat raw Baluga Whale.

Earlier today Jordin Tootoo of the Detroit Red Wings (for now) tweeted “Little snack with Dad out camping. #belugawhale” along with the above picture. Little snack?

I mean, I know this is a thing people do in some parts of the world, and it’s normal there, and I should respect that and say “Hey, neat!”

And I would! …But again: he’s about to eat raw Beluga Whale. So I can’t.

One final question. It’s August 1st today, what exactly is the temperature there right now? Ten below?

(For more Tootoo Nunavut pics, check this out.)

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  1. *beluga

    I remember reading a story when he & Terrence were first turning pro about a caribou hunt. When a boy is ready to become a man they take them out on the ice to kill a caribou. The rite of passage part was the young man sampling its organs immediately after the kill.

    The Checkers had a guy named Konrad McKay from Wabowden MB, which is relatively close to Nunavut, in those days before Terrence passed. Those little natives are a fun breed to watch on the ice. Old school tough guys.

    • They either go out on the ice to hunt seals or they hunt caribou on land. The caribou don’t go out on the ice, they go south in the winter where its warmer. Go back up north in the summer to calve and graze on the tundra when the snow is gone. There is not much for the caribou to eat on the ice.

  2. Can’t be much worse than living in Edmonton.

  3. I work at a mine in NW Alaska, so I’ve had a chance to try Muktuk. I think the type I had was boiled. It is certainly a unique texture. The fat is very greasy, and the skin has the texture of heavily used rubber. But it’s not bad dipped in mustard. Probably tastes even better if you’ve been outside in the Arctic for a few days.

  4. Northern Canada is the best. Full stop.

  5. Is it really that much different than eating sushi?

    • Yes it is. Sushi is made with rice. Sashimi is just the raw meat.

      • I’m guessing that’s what he meant. Plus, people tend to refer to “sushi” as the whole rainbow of raw Japanese food. Both sushi and sashimi are raw anyways (usually), so his point still stands.

        Eating a beluga is not what I find a little queasy about this, or that it’s raw (I eat sashimi frequently).

        It’s the fat/blubber part – I hate grease and fat on anything, so I can’t imagine that cold.

  6. Avg temp in July in Nunavut
    High 43 F
    Low 33 F

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