Kadri finishes better on the ice.

Kadri finishes better on the ice.

Morning! Remember yesterday when I told you I’d be doing this every (week)day? Well, I wasn’t lying.

Because there’s no actual hockey to weigh in on just yet, we’re still looking at all the news of the day. Did you know Nazem Kadri said a thing? Cause he did. He said a very honest, interesting thing.


Nazem Kadri said a thing

The thing he said:

Obviously I have no experience dealing with the type of dollars Kadri and the Leafs are discussing, but I do remember haggling with an ECHL team or two, and having them propose something like: “Just take less money in the first month so we can fit you under our weekly cap, and when there are injuries and call-ups we’ll make the money up to you. We really want you to be a part of what we’re building.” I remember thinking that if they really wanted me to be a part of what they were building, I wouldn’t be one of the people getting shortchanged.

In Kadri’s case, he has a flat worth in NHL land. The team chose to make their priorities stuff like “get Paul Ranger paid” and “give Tyler Bozak all the money.” If Kadri and his agent don’t want to sign for what the offer is, it isn’t their job to make room under the cap to offer more.

That said…he is an RFA with one successful shortened season under his belt. Other players have taken bridge deals en route to making bank. It wouldn’t kill the guy to start there too.

More from Kadri:

“The longer this drags on the more of a distraction it’s going to be. I’m just going to do what’s in my control which is making myself the best hockey player that I can. It’s up to them right now, whatever it is they decide to do – I know both parties want to come to an agreement…”

Sean Gentille of Sproting News – yes, Sproting – weighed in on this here.


I kinda think Mark Scheifele is going to be a good NHLer

Right now BioSteel is holding their annual end-of-summer camp where they apparently feed hockey players some liquid that makes them tweet the word “BioSteel” a lot, and one of the 49 attendees is Winnipeg’s Mark Scheifele. A Winnipeg Free Press article on Scheifele focused on the 20-year-old’s commitment this summer.

From Scheifele, on his main focus:

“A lot more power,” he said. “Working with Gary [Roberts] in the off-season, I’m going to the Buffalo workouts as well, just trying to get stronger in all areas but make sure I’m explosive in my shot and playing harder in front of the net, that kind of thing.”

I found Scheifele tough to watch at times in the past despite his clear talent, given the frequency with which he picked up snow on his jersey. He goes down like, twice a shift. I really, really hope they’re doing a lot of core and legs.

That said, I believe this kid is going to be a Corey Perry-esque player (in style) in the NHL at some point, and a summer of hardcore commitment is the first step. Now we just have to sit back and wait to find out if he really put in the work, or was smart enough not to say “I’ve been f***ing off all summer in the gym.”


The NHL salary cap could be $80 million in four years

Elliotte Friedman was on Sportsnet 590 The Fan’s “Prime Time Sports” yesterday when he made mention of the potential for the salary cap to skyrocket.

Man, I wish I was a young, still blossoming NHLer that could get a two-year-long contract and show how valuable I am so I could sign a long-term deal right as the cap gets pushed way up like say, Nazem Kadri. Seems like there’s some money to be made for guys like him in the not-too-distant future.


Sheldon Souray is out for a long, long time

Four-to-six months, unfortunately. The Ducks reported that he has to have surgery to repair torn a torn ligament in his wrist, suffered while working out this summer.

While I’m firing off predictions ala Mark Scheifele, I’m a little worried about the Ducks this season. I thought they overachieved last year, and their PDO and playoff performance backed that up. Now they’re without Souray’s bomb from the point (he led the Ducks in goals with seven in 44 games last season), and their fill-in options, as noted by The Sporting News, are basically Ben Lovejoy, Mark Fistric, Sami Vatanen or Hampus Lindholm.

Speaking of Hampus Lindholm, I once ranked the top 30 names from this previous season’s draft. Feel free to read that.


BioSteel camp video, day two

Raffi Torres, Tyler Seguin, David Clarkson and a bunch of others feature in a video of the aforementioned BioSteel camp, in which BioSteel BioSteels its BioSteel into the BioSteeliest hockey BioSteel. Stick-tap to Kukla’s Korner: