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Anyway, above is a shot of the pads Jonathan Bernier will be wearing, and wooo-ee are they sharp. Retro look, vertical lines, simple and clean. You can check out the rest of Bernier’s new Leafs gear, including a particularly ferocious helmet, here.


The Five Spot

Pavel Datsyuk may lose a few admirers

Ahhh, crap. Below is something that’s both unfortunate, and disappointing. asked Pavel Datsyuk to weigh in on Russian pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva’s comments in support of banning homosexuality at the Olympics. You get the impression he didn’t want to say much – he seemed to want to avoid the question entirely, actually – but he does have his beliefs:

dats uh oh

In sum, he thinks they should be banned too. Or at least, his faith indicates that’s a thing he should think. His teammate, Henrik Zetterberg, feels differently (and I do too, if you recall).

Ahh the Olympics. Always a delight.


Some of Steve Mason’s new gear will be…retro-ish? this year as well

Because, zombies.

Are zombies retro? In a way, right?

I’d like to put myself out there as someone who thinks zombies, and the rise of zombie-fetishism are both terrible and lame. Also, with Mason putting this on his helmet juuust as the zombie wave has seemed to crest, I could see his lid getting increasingly less relevant as the season goes on. BUT OTHERWISE I’M A HUGE FAN.


Some doctors recommended hockey players stop hitting other hockey players in the head

From a Globe & Mail article titled “Canadian Medical Association comes down hard on NHL owners over hockey violence”:

Delegates to the Canadian Medical Association’s annual meeting on Wednesday voted to “condemn the complacency” of NHL team owners.

“What we want to do is make it crystal clear that violence must be addressed,” said Louis Francescutti, an injury-prevention expert and president of the CMA. “Don Cherry may not agree with me … but purposely hurting someone is not part of the game of hockey.”

Shortly after, Lou Franceschetti punched Louis Francescutti in the face.

In all seriousness, it’s easy to sit back and say we’d like to see players better protected, because (sits back), I’d like to see players better protected. But what are the solutions? You could A) ban fighting, B) ban hitting, and/or… C) ??? Ban skating fast, maybe?

Hockey players and fans alike agree that B) is a ridiculous suggestion for where hockey is currently at. You accept the inherent risk of injury when you decide to play hockey for a living, and we’re not willing to change the game that drastically yet.

So, A)… you are where you are on that as a fan. I like some fights. Hell, I like most fights. Doctors filling me in that “it’s really not good to get a fist in the face” isn’t exactly news to me, so…neither is this, really. But it’s August so…DEBATE.



I mean, come on, with this video. Coach Q’s day with the Cup got the “This Is It” treatment:

Probably nothing is as funny in that video as the picture of Q taking the Cup to…the Post Office?

Okay, yeah, the video’s still funnier. Great outfit though.


Six outdoor games seems like a lot

We knew that at the outset. And now the word is, tickets for the Heritage Classic “outdoor”(ish) game are not moving so quick:

From News1130:

Kingsley Bailey with Vancouver Ticket doesn’t have hard numbers, but says there are a few reasons people aren’t snatching up the tickets. ”It’s a one-off game but it’s buried with six Heritage Classic games this year. We don’t have the best Canadian team as our opposition and the prices are way too high.”

Bailey thinks you should wait to buy tickets because they are likely to drop in price.

What, you don’t want to spend quadruple the normal price of a ticket for a worse view of a game against two teams with zero animosity towards each other?