Oh, Roberto Luongo. Just so much Twitter personality. (To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why that’s supposed to be funny about this, but then I’ve never been a big toilet humour guy, sooo, here we are again, Bourne.)

If the Luongo saga does interest you, here’s a few quotes from him ”focusing on hockey,” and being “100% committed to Vancouver,” and “it’s killing me saying this s*** cause I want the hell out of here.” …I may have made the last one up.


Top 5 Tidbits

Team Canada meets today to start the process of cutting Marc Methot

Aw, that was unnecessarily mean to Marc Methot, I’m sorry. I meant Marc-Eduoard Vlasic.

But seriously, today is day one for Team Canada, who flew in their top 47 players to teach them everything they need to know about the 2014 Sochi Olympics. It’s a strictly off-ice get together for now, which makes perfect sense, because what, you want to declare your Olympic roster based on a few practices in August? Yeah, no.

Later today I’ll likely be breaking down Bourne’s Team Canada, in which I plan on declaring Marc-Andre Fleury the starter with no backups because if he gets hurt, it’s hopeless for Canada. We need Marc. He’s a proven champion.


Team USA meets today start the process of figuring out who the hell all these teenagers are

For context:

Daaaaamn, Gina. (People still reference “Martin,” right?)

I get what the USA is after here. Even though they’ve invited a good number of players to camp who they know won’t have a shot at being on the squad, you might as well get them around the other guys, the pressure, the atmosphere, and expose them to what the country’s goals are in Olympic competition now and going forward.

At least, I’m assuming that’s what’s happening here, because if the US is like, “Hey, you never know, we may end up having John Gibson, Trevor Lewis and Jacob Trouba on this year’s team,” I’d like to humbly suggest BAHAHAHA.


The new Russian kits have been revealed

Ovechkin russian sweater

I’m calling them “kits” today because last time I called them “jerseys” I had multiple people correcting me with “sweaters,” and y’all need to calllllm down on this stuff.

Anyway, there they are. They’re alright. I’m not a fan of the same-width stripes on the arms – it looks a little cartoony – but the overall design is pretty clean. I mean, aside from the crest, which is sort of the Phoenix rising from the ashes in Rorschach form. (If that’s offensive, I apologize to my Russian friends, I’m just not sure what it is.)


Hockey hacking, the Ukraine, Travis Yost and Melnyk’s finances

I’m not really sure what to make of this story, or if it even as a story (Lyle Richardson says it isn’t), but it certainly seems like a story.

The Cole’s Notes:

Travis Yost has been writing about Eugene Melnyk’s financial problems over at HockeyBuzz all summer. The claim is that things aren’t going so great for Melnyk in that particular area of his life. Yost wrote about different parts of his situation eight times, according to my count.

Melnyk has publicly tried to discount Yost’s work, calling him a random, useless blogger. Buuut, the posts are pretty tight.

This weekend, someone made everything Yost has written for the past 18 months disappear. He says he was hacked. He did his research and traced the apparent hackers IP address to the Ukraine. More digging connected that hacker’s location to a website used by a charity in the Ukraine, which is loosely linked to Eugene Melnyk, who was just in the Ukraine, and speaks the language.

Yost kept re-posting his hacking story in different locations, and it kept disappearing. Then his Twitter account did too.

It’s all laid out right here. I have no idea if any of this is true, or what’s really happening in the slightest bit. That’s just been how it’s presented to me, so until I know more, I’m gonna leave it here. Something might be rotten in Denmark the Ukraine, though.


Scotty Bowman’s Stanley Cup rings in one place

This image was tweeted out by Kelly Masse of the Hockey Hall of Fame: all of Scotty Bowman’s hardware:

scotty bowman's rings

My biggest question: one year did they give out a skull with blue stones attached to a keychain? The heck is that one?