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As you already know, the US hockey team is going to wear ugly jerseys in Sochi

I won’t belabour the point, because you already know: The US Olympic hockey jerseys are a hot mess.

I see these and here the "No no no no no no no!" part of Bohemian Rhapsody in my head.

I see these and here the “No no no no no no no!” part of Bohemian Rhapsody in my head.

My biggest issue with them is that they’re so bad and so universally disliked that there are going to be people who claim to like them (because they’re so different, you know?), and we’re going to have to deal with those people. They’re so bad they take the focus off the jersey, and on to the reaction.

I mean, iron-on plastic stars and fake laces on practice jerseys.

“Look good boss?”

Boss, on angel dust: “Yes.”



Ilya Kovalchuk will be the captain of his KHL team

There’s really not a part of me that thinks Kovy’s new team will regret paying him a truckload to come play for them, nor do I think he’ll regret it.

The situation: most famous guy in the league, he’ll sell tickets, he won’t have to be as defensively responsible, he’ll make more money quicker, his team will benefit from his talents, he doesn’t have to play for the Devils (ugh)… It’s going to be great all around for everyone over there.

It’s only logical that he’d wear the “C” too.


Matt Lombardi signed in the Swiss League

I was thinking about this earlier today: let’s just say that you had nine seasons of NHL pay in your pocket, and weren’t all Cup-obsessed as fans are trained to believe all players are. Wouldn’t it be cool to be like, “Y’know, I’m gonna go live somewhere new and beautiful, get hit a lot less, play less games, and enjoy being the best player on the ice every night.”

I realize this probably isn’t what happened with Lombardi – he just couldn’t find an NHL job – but it really seems like it would be easy to talk yourself into.

“Switzerland, 50 games, 100 grand? Y’know what, let’s just do that.”


Iginla moved his family east

Iggy’s not fooling around with this whole Boston thing, which is crazy when you consider the events of last season.

He’s apparently moved his family out with him and has already set up shop in town. The kids start school there soon.

I’m guessing his goal is to go on an early tear and sign an extension before the trade deadline. After years of toiling in Calgary, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him get comfortable in Boston, love the city, and be a part of that team for a solid five years. Really looking forward to reading Boston writers walk back all the s*** they talked about him after the deadline, especially when they deal with his charming ass in person.


Free parking in Glendale is an issue

The plan to save the Coyotes involved taking the currently-free parking situation and turning it into revenue. That’s an awesome idea on paper, but the problem, is um, reality.

The Coyotes now want people to pay between $10-30 for parking, or “roughly the cost of a Coyotes ticket.” Buuut, people might not do that, given that there’s actually other places to park nearby by that aren’t $10-$30 – they’re free. AND…they’re closer to the rink.

“You guys wanna park in the lot far away that costs money, or the close free one?”

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  1. Goddamn those jerseys are hideous. I had wanted to buy a Parise jersey, but there’s no way now.

  2. Has there ever been a time, in the history of the American flag, that the stars were not white? Am I missing something?

    And fake lacing? REALLY?!

  3. I can’t wait for the Canadian jersey to be released. At least when it looks pretty much the same, like a red practice jersey with the high stripes, the fake lace-up collar and some ugly design in the maple leaf, us Americans can throw your comments right back in your face.

  4. The problem with the NHL and the AHL and the US Olympic and Canadian Olympic (and Russian Olympic) committees is that they are lazy and un-engaged – You never let the guy who’s making the damned jerseys/sweaters tell YOU what the fuck they’re going to look like.

    It always ends up as an “eat shit and like it” scenario – The client needs to assert their (informed) vision/standards with an in-house design-team (or a reputable, independent third-party firm) to protect their own best interests.

    Bettman and company are insanely anal about the league’s “image” – Yet, to the man or woman on the street (or in the stands) willing to spend money, what screams “image” and “identity” more than jerseys and logos?

    To farm the making of one’s “soul” out to some slap-dash, gimmick-driven, “get-’em-on-the-racks”, “WTF it’s not like it’s the NFL or MLB” whoring outfit like NIKE, or Reebock, is simply asking to be fucked in the ass, repeatedly, for the term of the licensing deal. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Bettman and the other top-dogs keep blithely signing-off on “butt-ugly”? Why the fuck should the manufacturer do differently?

    • The NHL decides the manufacturer but the individual teams design their jerseys. What the hell are you on about.

  5. I’m still of the opinion that whatever chinese factory made those jerseys mistook the laces as part of the star print when looking at the spec sheet. Nobody is dumb enough to actually propose faux laces on a professional jersey.

  6. Among all the other travesties on that jersey, I just don’t understand why we’re going with the symbol for the US highway system? What do roads have to do with hockey?

    Oh, Coyotes…

  7. i like the crest and the simplicity of the us jersey… thats it though. those stars are u.g.l.y.

  8. My biggest issue (aside from the design, crest, stars, and “laces”), is that it doesn’t LOOK like a hockey jersey. It just doesn’t have that shape, at all. I seriously think that if you show that to someone, they are going to think it is a long-sleeve t, or a light sweatshirt or something (an ugly shirt at that, but there is really no more sense in beating that particular dead horse) I think that someone who knows about hockey, but has not seen these yet is going to think “jersey”.

    • I think the way it’s shaped is worse in the picture. The Russian Jersey Ovi was wearing fit ok. With all these Nike Jerseys the faux laces look like Crap. Personally, the jersey would be better with real laces and stripes on the bottom. The stars won’t be seen on tv but most people won’t want to be seen in that jersey because of those stars. I know they lost at least one sale.

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