Sabres new thirds
Ahhhhhh kill it with fire smash it hit it kill it ahhhhh it’s still aliiiiiiiivvveee!

If you missed it yesterday, the Buffalo Sabres released a third jersey that has two different shades of yellow, an ascot, grey numbers below yellow namebars, and a different colored front and back.

It looks like:

Sabres new thirds 2

* An end-of-the-year arts-and-crafts project in an elementary school where the kids were told to make due with the rest of the Elmer’s glue and scraps of pre-used construction paper

* A chef bought a mustard-yellow apron because he didn’t want to get barbecue sauce on his Predators jersey

* A cruel joke

* A kid with an overprotective mom made him wear a pancho in case it rains. Then she added reflective strips in case he bikes. Then she cut one of those Russian hand-warmer muff things in two and put half around both his wrists in case he gets cold.

…I dunno, really. It’s the worst jersey design I’ve seen in years, and I recently saw Team USA release theirs.


Is Brian Burke about to be the Calgary Flames head honcho?

I mean, it sure sounds like it.

Bob McKenzie weighed in following those tweets to basically say “Burke and crew are usually quick to deny this stuff, and they’ve gone dark, so it looks like it’s going to happen.” At least that’s how I took his follow up.

Brian Burke to the Calgary Flames, how exciting would that be? Just to have him around hockey again, I mean.

I guess I don’t entirely see the point of him taking a role like CEO or President, not because they aren’t great jobs or he wouldn’t be good at them, but because he seems like a guy with a belly full of fire who wants to be in the action. As in, trading and drafting and being responsible for the on-ice product, not the business of the franchise.

Stay tuned for the news, I bet it breaks today (Update: they’ve announced a press conference for noon EST). And when it does, rejoice: Brian Burke back in the NHL is a great thing for all.


David Booth gained and lost…32 POUNDS this summer?

David Booth has become quite the interesting figure over the past couple years thanks to social media. We’ve learned he’s a devout Christian with a thirst for big game blood, which makes for quite the Twitter feed. This dude really likes killing crazy looking things. But, he’s not alone in his love of animal death. Check out what Clayton Stoner literally beheaded this week:

clayton stoner

You can read more about the Stoner controversy here. (People in BC want those bears protected.)

BUT ANYWAY, enough about that stuff: the story I’ve linked to shares the information that David Booth GAINED AND LOST 32 POUNDS THIS SUMMER.

32. His ankle still wasn’t healed so he focused on upper body and got bulky, getting up to 237 pounds – quick math, he’s now down to 205. From 24 Hour Vancouver:

“Even mid-late August, I was still frustrated with how long this injury takes,” Booth said Tuesday, after skating with about 20 other players at the University of B.C. “I was sticking to upper body to stay in shape and it was tough. I pride myself on my skating … so just being able to do that again in the past couple weeks, it’s finally feeling good but it is a long time to get to where you need to be.

“It is the most frustrated I’ve been, even more so than my concussion. You want to be able to do something but you can’t.”

He’s not yet sure if he’ll be ready for the start of the season or not.

That’s remarkable that he was able to do that. I used to be unable to gain weight as a player, and now losing it is the issue. He apparently has neither.


Is Sean Avery engaged to gay television host Andy Cohen?

No seriously, is he? Nobody really has any clue, but it’s still the off-season and it’s a rumour, so hey, here we are.

I first came across the story yesterday afternoon and wasn’t really sure how to handle it, and have since decided to go with “here’s a really interesting possibly unfounded rumour about one of the most polarizing figures in hockey over the past decade, it’s now yours to do with what you like.”

You can read more about it here on Puck Daddy (Avery and Cohen have responded via social media, sorta), and is on it too.


The Kadri situation is still ongoing in Toronto, and it may get ugly

(More) shots fired.

Last season the Leafs’ young talent poured in 44 points in 48 games, good for 21st in the league in scoring, a point behind Henrik Sedin. The Leafs aren’t talented enough to suddenly be without a guy like Kadri, but Leafs’ GM Dave Nonis has put the team in such a salary cap situation that they can’t really afford to give him what he’s worth (let alone budge if they wanted to).

So now Kadri is saying he’ll hold out if he has to. And Cody Franson is still unsigned. And Leafs’ fans are angry. Everyone is getting angry.

And those of us with no skin in the game, well, we’re free to sit back, watch this unfold and enjoy. Sports are neat, you guys.


Someone on a Pittsburgh sports team has the audacity to wear #66

It’s the Pirates recent addition Justin Morneau. I mean, this dude is Canadian, he should know better, amirite?

So is it an homage, this 66-wearing Justin Morneau is going to do with the Pirates? From the article in the Star Tribune (linked above):

I guessed that was a result of the intense hockey fan paying homage to Penguins great Mario Lemeiux. I was wrong.

“Nope,” Morneau said. “It’s just 33 times two.”

Morneau wore 33 during his prime with the Twins. Is 99 a possibility? “Nope,” he said. “There’s only one 99 for us Canadians.”

He means Wayne Gretzky, of course.

Daggers. The clear distinction that Lemieux isn’t on Gretzky’s level, made by a new arrival in Pittsburgh. That isn’t gonna go over well.