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Ahhh, it’s podcast season again. Good to be back.

Things are going to be a little bit different with the podcast this year – there’s some good news and some bad (depending on your undying adoration of the old show). Here’s what you need to know:

The Good

We’re going to be having far more guests. There will be a show every Tuesday from now until next summer where we bring on other media members and the occasional player to discuss the bigger NHL topics of the day. You’ll get to know a lot of names you’re likely already familiar with a bit better.

There will be a lot more podcasts than just the Tuesday show. We have a new studio built at theScore that’s about 20 feet behind my desk. Every time something is newsworthy, I will be grabbing some hockey person from the office to discuss it with. Scott Lewis, Jake Goldsbie, John Noon, Thomas Drance and many more work here, so…there’s no shortage of hockey people.

The Bad

We’re not guaranteed to be daily, and Jake and John will only be on sporadically (but they’ll still be on at times).


All-in-all, we think the new format takes us from being a recap show, and recap shows are generally dishonest because one person can only watch so many hockey games each night. It opens the show up to new voices, and allows us to not force it on days there isn’t news, and embrace news as it breaks. I may be adding 10 minute conversations to the bottom of written posts here and there too, just for kicks.

So here we are. The first Backhand Shelf Podcast of the 2013-14 NHL season. Go easy on me in the role of host.


Our first guest is Mike Halford of NBC’sro Hockey Talk (one of my personal favorite hockey sites on the interwebz). I’m also a big fan of Mike’s for this sort of wonderful writing in the cutline:

Halford writing


Too good.

Today we discussed:

* The below segment on trading Tyler Seguin in “Behind The B’s.” It’s roughly from the 5:20 mark until 12:00 or so, but we include an audio clip in the podcast that sums it up: this kid doesn’t fit the culture, it’s time to move on.

* Is 3-on-3 overtime a good idea, or no?

* What do you expect from Tim Thomas this season (performance-wise)

* The NHL wants to add a billion in revenue over the next three years?

* John Tortorella doesn’t want the Canucks tweeting

You can listen to it here:


Download it here, and subscribe on iTunes here. Check us out on Facebook too, if that’s your thing.

Comments (15)

  1. It’s September 11th 2013. hey where did everyone go? You got the Backhand Shelf Podcast and depite it starting right now, I miss Nooners intros already!

    Prbbly couldve came up with something a bit better but you get the point.

  2. I like the new format, it has more focus than the old ones. Good guest too.

    • I agree that I like the new format, though I think it will be heavily dependent on the guest. This dude (Halford) set the bar pretty high.

  3. I like the new format. Hockey human interest and news instead of recap is good fit for this deal. I like the idea of different guests no matter in studio or on phone to bring different viewpoints. Guests that actually understand hockey = good. Halford needs to be a regular guest for sure.

    Going to miss Noon but as long as he and Slewis are regular “guests” it will all be good.

  4. Glad it’s back in any form! Though I, for one, am going to miss the slightly slapdash nature of the old podcast. Even if there were factual inaccuracies, it was worth it for things like Goldsbie picking the Ducks to win the west “because he liked the Might Ducks movies”.

  5. I like the different topics (after one show). I’m really sad to lose the chemistry and casual banter from last season’s crew. This show was so…. professional. Ew. First show and first time Bourne is official host, so who knows, but you can’t get chemistry with one host and a new guest every week. If I want focused info and in-depth opinions, I’d rather read it. The old podcast was interesting for the back and forth and chatter and randomness, along side the meaty stuff. Instant opinion! I guess we’ll see how things shake out. You went and CHANGED something I LIKE, guys. I dunno if I can forgive that.

  6. Great podcast, I like to format. I do miss the banter with the old guys though.
    Good call on Halford, PHT is very underated, those guys are hard workers and wrote through the offseason.

    His subtitles are killer too.

  7. Glad the podcast is back on. I missed it during the August lull. New format will be good, but I loved the old format. The casual banter and the chemistry between everyone made it unique and really interesting.

  8. The intro’s explosive factor could be dialed up a few kilowatts, JB.

    I genuinely liked this first show and what a great guest, that Halford. Now, more time can be spent on the attention-grabber headliners, which used to be monopolized by recap opinions.

    On the other hand, I miss the larger, motlier crew – it was more lively and offered high entertainment value. I mean, yea, better content and news delivery makes a more structured podcast, but the social interaction is just as captivating.

    More professionalism is good, but don’t forget that segments like Forced Watching, reader emails/tweets, personal stories, etc. helped you guys connect on a personal level to the listeners.

    I’m all for improved content, but don’t lose character to achieve that.

  9. Good Show Bourne. Would definitely like to here Noon drop by throughout the year but excellent stuff.

  10. i tuned in for the recaps and the banter, i like the shooting this shit, this is too serious.. :-/

    Jake and John were good

  11. Sorry t say I stopped listening about 10 minutes in. I loved the old format because it was different. This just seems so similar to other sports podcasts.

  12. With the utmost respect in the world, I absolutely hate the new format. I accidentally stumbled upon your show few weeks before last seasons trading deadline and was immediately hooked. I continued to tune into the show for the simple fact that I loved to hear the round table discussions between Noon, Bourne and Goldsbie. The chemistry was fantastic because you had a wide range of personalities from guys that played the game on a recreational level here an there, to guys that played at a professional level. Although the experience levels were different, the guys always respected one another’s opinions and the show just felt you were sitting around a table drinking beers with your buddies and talking puck.

    The new format is way too structured for me and, no offense, lacks the fun and spirit that the old show brought. I’ll also miss hearing the show everyday. It was mentioned that show will focus more on in-depth analysis and breaking news. However, that’s just now why I listed to the show. I’m not going to lie, i’m going to get my in-depth analysis and breaking news from ESPN. What I want from the Backhand is my hockey fix. An hour of sitting around discussing how Patrick Kane walked around Jack Hillen in last night’s game like he was an orange pylon; how Steve Ott licked some dude’s visor and was allegedly, “The 5th best at face-offs – look it up on NHL.com”. That’s what made the show unique from the rest of the podcasts/segments out there and that’s what made the show great.

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