Note Crawford's pad, and Bertuzzi's sleeves. Both talked about on the show.

Note Crawford’s pad height and Bertuzzi’s rolled-up sleeves. Both talked about on the show.

We’re back! This is sort of how the podcast is going to work this year – every week guaranteed (usually Tuesdays), but we’ll add additional ones when the right topics and guests come up. Today, we were pleased to be joined by Elliotte Friedman.

Friedman puts together the excellent “30 Thoughts” column for CBC, does the Hotstove, and is a panelist on Hockey Night in Canada.

Today we went through his last 30 Thoughts and talked about:

Elliotte Friedman

* The NHL’s on-ice “dress code”

* Limits on goalie gear

* Dion Phaneuf and Darren Helm (Olympic Orientation camp comments)

* Will hybrid icing stick?

* John Tortorella’s tough ways in Vancouver

* The process of building 30 Thoughts

* And more

You can listen to it here:


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Once again, we’re still getting used to the new format of the show. Constructive feedback is welcome!