Note Crawford's pad, and Bertuzzi's sleeves. Both talked about on the show.

Note Crawford’s pad height and Bertuzzi’s rolled-up sleeves. Both talked about on the show.

We’re back! This is sort of how the podcast is going to work this year – every week guaranteed (usually Tuesdays), but we’ll add additional ones when the right topics and guests come up. Today, we were pleased to be joined by Elliotte Friedman.

Friedman puts together the excellent “30 Thoughts” column for CBC, does the Hotstove, and is a panelist on Hockey Night in Canada.

Today we went through his last 30 Thoughts and talked about:

Elliotte Friedman

* The NHL’s on-ice “dress code”

* Limits on goalie gear

* Dion Phaneuf and Darren Helm (Olympic Orientation camp comments)

* Will hybrid icing stick?

* John Tortorella’s tough ways in Vancouver

* The process of building 30 Thoughts

* And more

You can listen to it here:


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Once again, we’re still getting used to the new format of the show. Constructive feedback is welcome!

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  1. Elliotte Friedman is, bar none, my favorite hockey journalist and television personality. I agree with Justin that the 30 Thoughts post is my favorite weekly hockey fix.

  2. Been listening to the podcast daily from the get-go, and no offense, but it was mostly due to the lack of better options that cover the NHL at large.
    The new format may be just 3 episodes in, but it’s quickly becoming top choice for me.

    Keep up the good work. Very excited.

  3. I thought Elliotte was a great guest. This podcast was a great example of the ways the new format works better than the old one.

  4. More Jake and John! Sorely missing the banter

  5. Awwww shit it’s the motha****in Friedman. This is awesome Justin, thanks for doing this

  6. Justin, this was great (always great to hear Elliot on some version of what is kind of still The Score, since he was one of the guys that I remember from the property’s early days)… but you need to have the guys in once a week just to shoot the shit. I miss the weird references off the top of the show most of all. :)

  7. You should do BOTH podcasts, dudes.

    This format is super informative but I miss the charm of the less serious show.

  8. Was initially skeptical of the new format, but it’s been good so far. Friedge is easily up there with MacKenzie as the the best of the MSM analysts, so was happy to hear him.

    Will be interesting to see how these evolve as the season starts and you cover the actual game events.

  9. what a great podcast and conversation. great job Justin

  10. A big improvement on last week.

  11. I’m bummed. The podcast last year was my #1 thing to listen to in the car. Now it’s fallen, far. The banter and interplay was what made the show work. Now there’s really nothing in it that couldn’t be done just as effectively in a written piece really. :(

  12. Ok You have Elliot on, you have a good show. Still I miss the shit out of Jake and John. Bourne, you are great and the new format is good, but the old format was better. John, Jake Plus guest= now we are talking. No matter what you will kick the shit out of anything else the web may bring, however, you mix the old with the new and you hit it out of the park. Show last year with Gilles was as good as it gets. Jake, John and guest might rival that.

    Thanks for your work. I can only hope you rise to new heights.

  13. Good guest = Good podcast. EF rocks. Would still like you to mix in some of the old format though or maybe have separate ‘guest’ and ‘the boys’ podcasts.

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