Roberto Luongo

Roberto Luongo got lit up

The Vancouver Canucks took on the Edmonton Oilers last night, and the Canucks starter made his season debut, with the plan being for him to play the first 30 minutes. Well, he did that, but the only problem is, he was pretty gross on a few shots. He got scored on four times, a couple of which were…less than admirable - particularly David Perron’s, an unscreened low-angle muffin from below the face-off dot.

THAT SAID, he did make a couple ridiculously good saves, including a glove stop on a Taylor Hall breakaway (the shot was never high enough), and this save below:

Just a matter of shaking off the rust on the easy ones, and continuing to make stops like these. (That save, by the way, is the exact type of stop Luongo seems to always make that you can’t necessarily count on from all goalies – anticipating the play, getting his long legs across the goal line.)


Marian Gaborik got off to a good start

He scored twice last night against the Hurricanes. The first goal was just a pretty basic shot off the half-wall on the powerplay, the second was this absolute gem:

The fade-away tucked just under the bar is kiiiiiind of a goal scorers goal.


Paul Bissonnette is appealing his 10-game suspension

With the appeal under way and confirmed by his agent, the plan for the Coyotes is just to push on like he’s just any other roster player, meaning he can practice and play in preseason.

From AZCentral:

The appeal process was revamped under the new collective bargaining agreement. An appeal first will be heard by Commissioner Gary Bettman, but now players who’ve been suspended six or more games have the option to appeal that decision to a neutral arbitrator.

I can’t exactly imagine what sort of appeal a player could make, given that the rules are pretty clear: jump off the bench to fight and get suspended. If he didn’t do it, then I doubt they’d have suspended him in the first place, sooo…. “Aw c’mon you guys, I really want to play,” maybe?


Cal Clutterbuck is going to miss some time

He was submarined a couple days ago by Dennis Wideman of the Calgary Flames, and somewhere along the line a skate cut his leg in a bad way. Not Zach Redmond bad, but still: bad enough that Islanders coach Jack Capuano said he’s going to “miss some extended time.”

You’ll recall Clutterbuck just arrived with the Islanders after being traded for Nino Niederreiter and signing a four-year, $11 million deal.


Don’t let Alex Semin take slapshots from this close

I mean, really, don’t do that.

I don’t see a ton of people giving Carolina much love, but they sure do have some elite offensive talent on the roster. I’m doing a preview of them this week, so I’ll save more analysis for then.


Patrick Roy wants his team to be “offensive”

Which is weird, because I thought he was coming in to change the culture of the Avalanche, and they’ve been “offensive” for years.


No but seriously, he does:

“I like to be offensive. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want us to play well defensively. We’re going to be an offensive team, because I believe that the people who are paying to come watch us deserve to have a great show. At the same time, we have to believe deep inside that we can win that 1-0 game.”

You can tell he’s a good coach because he wants his team to be good on offense and defense, both of which are fairly important.


On Chris Pronger’s life after hockey, life after his injury

Scott Burnside of ESPN wrote a great piece on “the new normal” for Chris Pronger. He’s really going through something terrible with that injury. First, on the injury:

“A lot of the stuff that I’m doing now is more eye related, vestibular related. It’s not concussion or what have you. I still get symptoms, but I think a lot of those are due to my eye. There’s a lot of the things that still trouble me are things that are associated with my vestibular system and my ocular system and those are things that’s an ongoing process.”

“I get letters and people calling, ‘Oh, you go do this and you’ll be fixed.’ Meanwhile they don’t even know what’s wrong with me. They think, ‘Oh, he’s got a concussion.’ Well no, I don’t know if you saw the injury, but I got slashed in the eye.”

There’s a ton of great quotes in the article, so I really recommend you read it, but this last one made me give him a lot of credit for how well he’s fighting through it. It can’t be easy, especially when he mentions he got a flood of symptoms when he tried to go skating with his kids.

“It goes up and down. Some days you’re high and other days you’re down in the doldrums and you’re depressed. Those are the times when you really need to have a grasp on yourself and have some willpower. That’s where guys fall into becoming alcoholics or drug addicts or whatever. They want to have something to take the pain away, or whatever it is.”

Here’s to hoping he can improve enough to at least eliminate the doldrums. Can’t be fun.

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  1. Pronger was one of the most cheap and vicious hockey players in recent history. He was suspended 8 times for his obvious intent to injure other players.

    ….funny the way life works out.

    I do not feel sorry for him.

    • That’s harsh. This is a quality of life thing. Sure Pronger was a jerk but he never ended anyone’s career.

      • I second Mason’s point. And meanwhile, Bertuzzi’s and Cooke’s careers just keep on rolling. Hockey gods don’t have the same sense of justice that mortals have.

        • Actually, Torres’ career still rolling is a sign of the hockey gods’ warped sense of justice. At least Cooke and Bertuzzi stopped attempting to kill players after a few times. Torres is still trying.

          As for Pronger – I never liked him as a player, but I don’t wish his person harm just for trying to play hockey at the fastest speed he could – what fan would fault a professional for earning every penny of his contract?

    • I feel the same way as Adam….until you get to the part of not feeling sorry for him. Hate on the ice but not off the ice.

  2. I assume the Bissonnette appeal will be based around the argument that he didn’t leave the bench to engage in an altercation, but rather left the bench as part of a line change. The same situation lead to Clowe having his automatic 10 gamer reduced to 2 last season. Sutter’s post game comments hint at that being the case, and he’s the opposing coach.

    C’mon dude, it wasn’t that long ago, I feel like there’s a lot of poorly researched stuff being thrown out in these regroup posts. This isn’t that bad, but I can think of a handful of flat out dead wrong statements.

  3. JB – the Gaborik video at ice level shows just how hard pros fire passes at each other. The goal was sick but I’m surprised you didn’t mention how it was setup by laser passes caught with stiff hands; you talk about the passing game a lot.

    • That pass was not that hard. Anyone who has more than a few years of hockey playing experience could handle that pass

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