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We’re back! It’s Guest Tuesday, and in the wake of the John Scott/Phil Kessel/David Clarkson mayhem we figured it would be the perfect day to talk to James Mirtle, Toronto Maple Leafs’ beat writer for the Globe & Mail. James is consistently a source of reasoned thinking in a chaotic media market, which makes two weeks in a row we’ve had a guest like that.

I tried to avoid talking about the actual incident directly (right or wrong, YOUR CALL?!?) because that’s horse is both dead and well-beaten.

* Mirtle’s article “Leafs’ goon culture comes back to bite themjames mirtle

* The Leafs’ infatuation with truculence

* Is Carlyle to blame for sending out Phil Kessel?

* A heavy going after a skill guy

* Being in the room after writing something that could be perceived as negative

* Public reaction to any writing that isn’t pro-fighting

* And much more

You can listen to it here:


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Comments (12)

  1. Why does it have to be so short? I hate when they’re under a half hour : (

    • Hopefully because there is no hockey, yet…

      Really liked the old format (daily/recap). The new interview podcasts would have been a great addition to the old stuff. Love ‘em both

  2. Please bring back the old format! I’m a huge fan of you guys, but not if it continues like this. The only one I have liked of the new ones was with Elliot Friedman. It was nice to hear you guys swear and make fun of each other and talk hockey like you were at the bar…This new stuff is kinda boring to me….

  3. I’ve got to agree with the other commenters, I’m hating the new format. Maybe it’s partly a result of it still being the preseason, but the podcasts aren’t as interesting or funny. Anything these new podcasts offer I can get from the panels in between periods when I’m watching hockey. It sounds like you’ve been seriously neutered here. What happened to interesting, edgy hockey banter?

  4. Ugh. This stuff is so dry. Bring back banter.

  5. I made the whole “Orr/McLaren playing every night limits your strategic options” point until I was blue in the face last year.

    It makes a visible difference when your entire fourth line has players that can skate/hit/pass/win faceoffs/kill penalties/take occasional PP shift/play defensively sound…you know…do hockey things.

  6. I miss Jake and John. Would have loved to hear their reactions to all of this.

  7. While I like the new format, I’d much rather have it in addition to the old one, because they’re not really comparable.
    The new format is informative and interesting while the other one was just a lot of fun to listen to.
    Best thing IMO would be to substitute the tuesday episode of the old format for the new one and still have Jake and John and Scott on the other 4 days!

  8. Appreciate the feedback, y’all. We’re definitely still going to do round-table format shows with Jake, John, and Scott Lewis (and Thomas Drance, and potentially others) as the season gets going. Tuesdays will remain in this format though, so hopefully everyone can grab a bit of what they like.

  9. Hey Bourne, The Format was a great band and you’ve tarnished their legacy you ass. Change it back to the old Format.

  10. Don’t want to beat a dead horse, but the entire reason I listen to the podcast is because it was fun and different, not just regurgitating media peoples columns from the previous day or two.

    Just show whoever decided this was better this comment thread and bring back the BShelf we all love.

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