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We’re back! It’s Guest Tuesday, and in the wake of the John Scott/Phil Kessel/David Clarkson mayhem we figured it would be the perfect day to talk to James Mirtle, Toronto Maple Leafs’ beat writer for the Globe & Mail. James is consistently a source of reasoned thinking in a chaotic media market, which makes two weeks in a row we’ve had a guest like that.

I tried to avoid talking about the actual incident directly (right or wrong, YOUR CALL?!?) because that’s horse is both dead and well-beaten.

* Mirtle’s article “Leafs’ goon culture comes back to bite themjames mirtle

* The Leafs’ infatuation with truculence

* Is Carlyle to blame for sending out Phil Kessel?

* A heavy going after a skill guy

* Being in the room after writing something that could be perceived as negative

* Public reaction to any writing that isn’t pro-fighting

* And much more

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