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Okay, let’s trudge through the league discipline stuff here before we get to the actual hockey, shall we? Here’s what you need to know.


Zack Kassian isn’t going to play for awhile

In a game where gigantic men bomb around an enclosed area making split-second decisions while contact is permitted, some people are going to make bad decisions, dangerous plays are bound to happen, and people are going to get hurt. As hockey players and hockey fans, we accept that.

Still, those circumstance are always going to combine to create problems without any additional help, so what we need to do is minimize the amount of recklessness so we can in turn minimize the collateral damage that comes with playing such a great sport.

In The Case of Zack Kassian’s Wildly Uncontrolled Stick, the “collateral damage” happened to be the facial construction of one Sam Gagner…

…so for that, it’s only right that Zack Kassian sit down and think about what he did (I shared my opinion on the play yesterday). To be exact, he’ll be thinking for three preseason games and five regular season games to get the year going.

If Kassian’s not careful, he could lose the loveable meatball card that life dealt him. Mindless, careless, dangerous play.


His teammate also got suspended

Dale Weise also got suspended for his actions in that same game. The good news for him is that the guy he hit is fine, and his suspension won’t cost him a regular season game (“Oh no, I have to not play pre-season games? This is so unfair,” I’m sure he didn’t say).

Here’s Shanahan’s video review of the Weise-pension. It’s simply a hit Weise shouldn’t attempt to make – Hall is being well-defended by his teammate, and the body alignment is such that if he’s trying to put a hurt on him with a big clean check he’s going to have to go through his own guy as well, so maybe pass that one up there, eh Daley boy?


David Clarkson won’t play for over a month

He received the auto-10 game suspension for leaving the bench to join an altercation, which there never really seemed to be any way around.

David Clarkson, you’ve won the Great Call, Idiot Sweepstakes, what do we have for him Brendan?

You get to not play for 10 games!

That means a month more of summer for you!

You get to get tsk-tsked by media and fans!

You get to come back Oct. 25th in Columbus after missing 12% of the year!

You get to start your first game while not in game shape!

You ALSO  get to forfeit $269,230.80!

Which means NO NEW CAAAAAAR!!!!

Last note on suspensions: Phil Kessel has a phone hearing today. I’m guessing he won’t miss a regular season game. Maybe one if they’re feeling like doing the ol’ “drop the hammer early in the year” thing they sometimes like to do.


Lucic got into one of Those Fights last night

Few men in the world could stand on skates with Milan Lucic and trade facepunches, but clearly Joel Rechlicz is one of them. They got into it last night, and basically went to work on each other.



Stick-tap to Sporting News for that.


Roberto Luongo is still Roberto Luongo

Lu made a fantastic save on a nice Coyotes rush last night (the Canucks won 6-1), but he nearly gets injured on this play, which made me have a sudden epiphany: wouldn’t it be kiiinda funny if Luongo got hurt this year and the team was decent? As Down Goes Brown noted yesterday, the call into Dave Nonis inquiring about James Reimer would be particularly hilarious.


Some thoughts on hybrid icing

Last week on the Backhand Shelf Podcast I spoke with Elliotte Friedman about players choosing to implement hybrid icing, in which I guessed that stubborn players being asked to make a fairly big decision about a new rule after one preseason leads me to believe the players will not approve it. Too big of a hurdle, too soon.

It was new to me (I didn’t see much AHL last year), so here’s where I’m at after one preseason: I’m in. I saw enough cases of refs letting the play go so the forechecker could get to the puck first to believe it can work nicely.

My only thing is, I think they have to do a better job marking the ice for your average fan (it wouldn’t hurt the refs ability to make the calls either), because it can seem a little convoluted to someone just figuring it out (just, uh, imagine an imaginary imaginable line going through those two dots). I guess I’m saying I think another thin line, or dotted line on the ice wouldn’t be a terrible idea. I don’t like the clutter, but right now the rule can seem awfully vague, and if you aren’t someone who’s an avid fan, that’s annoying.

At the 44 second mark you can hear Gary Bettman saying that most GMs are on board with it:


Brandon Bollig ain’t no Patrick Kane

If you missed it yesterday, Brandon Bollig decided to recreate Patrick Kane’s latest Bauer commercial, which highlights his ridiculous hands.

Bollig can handle the puck, but isn’t quiiiiite on Kane’s level.

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  1. Could that announcer in the Lucic fight be more of a homer lol

    • I was thinking the same thing lol. The fight was bloody even with both just chucking. But if you didn’t see the video and only heard the audio you would have thought Lucic didn’t get touched and the other guy was in the hospital for like…ever.

      Lucic is in mid season form though. Dude is a beast.

      And the fans hated the fighting too. The building was so quiet during the fight you could hear a pin drop. Ban fighting!!!. /sarcasm mode off

    • Those Boston broadcasters are Hall-of-Fame homers. We have our local homers in Canada, but they take it to a whole nutha level…

      • Jack Edwards is the idiot apparently calling a fight that doesn’t match the video. He knows bupkis about hockey, it’s embarrassing. Most Bs fans mute the teevee and listen on radio.

    • Lucic ran Miller and then left Thornton to answer to John Scott. Thornton ended up with a concussion. Where was the homer announcer and Lucic “the beast” then?

      • You have a point, Thorny really took one for the team there, and it’s clearly Lucic’s fault. It should be mentioned that if the Sabres didn’t collectively hike their skirts when Lucic quite deliberately ran Miller, they wouldn’t be wasting a roster spot on a guy whose career point total is comparable to half the goaltenders in the league. Lucic has it coming. Rechlicz made him look very average there. Good for him.

    • Come on “He’s being reckless with his face” is pretty much the best line I’ve ever heard! matched up with the action at that point!

  2. Vrbata on that zone entry and first pass. So subtle and so good. My rec league teammates try this 10 times a game and it ends up going the other way 10 times. God love em.

  3. pretty even-was the announcer at the same game ?

    • I haven’t seen a worse announcer north of the Manson-Nixon Line. He’s HOF bad, and loathed by actual hockey fans in the area. I’m not allowed to listen to him broadcasting, we have kids. Strictly mute the tube and crank the radio here.

  4. Placing a line will just encourage the uninformed to believe that hybrid icing is a race to the dots, which it is not. Leave it out.

  5. OMG Bollig’s attempted recreation (or intentional spoof) of Kane’s commercial is hilarious!!!

  6. Rarely watch vids on campus but I was glad I watched that one at the end, funny stuff

  7. the NHL needs more Brandon bollig

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