The hell is with that mask?

The hell is with that mask?

What’s the deal with the new Tim Thomas mask? He just has to be different, doesn’t he? He looks like Arturs Irbe two-point-oh.


Tim Thomas signed a deal with the Panthers

It’s more or less the perfect contract on both sides, from what I can tell. I’m a big fan of any deal that’s bonus-heavy, because it just makes a ton of sense to pay people based on their output. The deal is for $2.5 million (base), but could pay Thomas as much as $3.75.

The Panthers can’t really go wrong – they either get a mediocre starting goalie for cheap, or a great goalie for…well, still cheap.

Dale Tallon is saying all the right things:

“Tim is a proven winner who we are pleased to have signed. He is a fierce competitor who brings to our club a wealth of experience including a Stanley Cup Championship, two Vezina trophies and a Conn Smythe. He is a hardworking, driven and dedicated individual who will help our club achieve future success.”

Should be interesting to see if he can rediscover his old form.


Derek Stepan signed a deal with the Rangers

He got your classic bridge deal (and by “classic,” I mean “what’s become the norm”): two years at just over three million for a grand total of $6.15. That means the New York Rangers have two full seasons of paying comparably next-to-nothing for their #1 center, which again just highlights how much the new CBA rewards teams who are able to draft and develop well. Really, young kids on your roster that contribute makes life a whole lot easier for a GM.


Cody Franson’s playing for a couple mill

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a lot of contracts come up next summer, so they were looking for a multi-year deal for Franson to simplify things (what a compliment, eh? “Not because we want you for multiple years, but for paperwork sake it’d be easier”), but were unable to get it. The deal they signed is worth two mill over a single season.

I kind of suspect Franson’s going to have the type of season that’s going to make it very difficult on the Leafs financially. He’s 26 and seemed to really find his NHL stride of late. He put up 29 points in a shortened season last year, he’s a big body…I could just see him commanding “real” money next year.


Tortorella over Vigneault 5-0

Well it’s official, John Tortorella is a better coach than Alain Vigneault. The Canucks beat the Rangers 5-0 last night (might have had something to do with Lundqvist giving up five on 17 shots while Luongo pitched a 40-save shutout).

Both coaches were a little weirded out by playing their former teams:


“It is strange. Strange is a word I can use right now. Coming in this morning and saying hi to the staff that worked with me for a long time, it was special.”

And Torts:

“I said right along, I loved working there. Did I want to leave? No. I was told to leave and I left. It’s part of the game and I’m knee-deep in it here trying to get this team ready to play.”

That’s a great line. “No. I was told to leave.”


Jets lost, but Mark Scheifele scored a beauty

How quick are these hands?

The Jets lost 3-2 in OT on a Loui Eriksson winner. Speaking of…


Oh, Loui Eriksson is good?

The skate-to-stick on this goal is awfully impressive:


Seth Jones to play with Weber

When a young defenseman gets a shot in the NHL, you want to protect him. It’s a man’s league, and you don’t want your team getting scored on every time he gets burned, so it makes sense to put him with someone good. Like, one of (if not the) league’s best defenseman in Shea Weber.

Jones may not be the easiest partner to play with at first, but as this pairing gets more comfortable, they’re going to be a real bitch to play.


Bobby Ryan be slick

Oh right, he’s still really good. That’s fun to remember.

This was from Wednesday, but still: great stuff.

And finally…


Wait, Bill Daly is my hero?

This is a really great read on Bill Daly by Chris Botta. Turns out he’s a smart, likeable, hard-working guy who likes beer and sports. That’s a pretty good review of a person, if you ask me.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning Thomas without the added politics. This would never happen over at Puck Daddy.

  2. I used to like Timmy T. Then there was the Drama. I do like the Irbe comparison. I loved Irbe and with him the demise of the little goalie.

  3. Interesting to take a closer look at Daly. I wonder if he could have the kind of character as a commissioner to actually push back against the owners when they inevitably choose the nuclear option of a lockout as an opening tactic in the next CBA negotiations.

    Or maybe the owners are more inclined to stick with an easy to dislike yes-man who can act as a lightning rod for criticism that should be directed at them.

  4. Saw Bill Daly once on a flight to Orlando dressed in the most stereotypical Canadian Dad flying to Florida outfit I’d ever seen. Golf shorts, NHL branded golf shirt, NHL branded hat, sensible shoes with ankle socks. All he needed was a Pilsner/Kokanee/Cheap Regional Beer of his choice to round out the look.

  5. Thomas’ mask: Dunno his mask history too well, but do recall in BOS his mask was painted up all BOS themed for a season or two, no? Maybe he wants a mask that matches with the team and since he has had no official team, no paint? Now he has an official team, add paint?

  6. It makes me sad to see Eriksson on another team. He’s been my favorite Stars player over the last few years.

    Also, Nichushkin scored pretty goal last night.

  7. I’m guessing Thomas was waiting for an offer before he bought matching pads and had a mask painted. I’m sure we’ll see something ready for next week.

  8. Nifty dish by Spooner, but I’d prefer a low shot to the far side there. Can’t argue with the results, and because Louie’s Louie, I guess you rework the calculus if you’re 100% sure the pass gets through. Forehand shelf. The Bs have a nice problem with Spooner. the kid can fly, but he’s a center. For my money, any gifted center is smart enough to play wing, the only question then becomes do they have the balls to do it right (read: Seguin).

  9. I think that mask is the earlier version of the mage he was wearing prior to leaving for a year.

    There are pics of some custom ones in this thread

  10. Hockey is a universal language. I’m finding now that hockey transcends borders and that articles are being translated into asian and latin languages…

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