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We’re back!

The new format Backhand Shelf Podcast has received a ton of great reviews, so we thank you for that. The most common request, however, has been to bring back Noon and Goldsbie for shows, which we will most certainly be doing often. Today seemed like the right time, since it’s day one of the NHL season, and time to make predictions:

* We made calls on:

* Who will win

- the Divisions

- the Conferences

- the Cup

- the individual awards

- who will surprise

- who will disappoint

* And more

You can listen to it here:


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Comments (18)

  1. All 3 of you went for 40 mins! left me satisfied!


  2. Great to hear from the gang again. Anyone else thinking that putting Seth Jones in a #2 role playing against the opponents top lines every night with Webber will actually make it more difficult on him than easing him to minutes against 3rd and 4th line guys? I can’t see him doing great off the bat due to the quality of competition he will be forced to face as Webber’s partner.

  3. The Jake Goldsbie Fan Association

  4. Thank god they were back! The play between the 3 of you is SO much better than the interview segments this season features instead now.

  5. 3 of you guys is 10,000 times better than the “current” format.

    I will only be listening to the podcasts when the ‘special guests’ are back in; make it straightforward to know when they are there.

    i think the move away from the previous format was a bad move.

  6. The Score has made a name for itself by doing things differently… putting a fresh spin on traditional sports journalism. Which is why the “new” interview format, which is used by virtually every single sports podcast and over the air radio show, is not working. At times, it is completely indistinguishable from, say, the FAN590.

    The thing that makes BHS, Getting Blanked, and Bball Jones so enjoyable was the roundtable format. Just my $0.02.

  7. SO refreshing!

    Bourne, I can dig the interview idea but this is just so, so much more enjoyable. Perfect casual and knowledgable vibe… perfect bias / unbiased vibe (See Boston team hate v. Chara personal love.)

    THIS s what made bshelf one of my favorite podcasts.The daily dose of bourne/goldsbie/noon is what kept me going all last season. Maybe throw in an interview when you can but please look at some of these comments and make a move.

  8. Dear Score Overlords: Although I guess I’m getting better informed news and perspective from the podcast guests (Halford seemed cool), I mainly liked the podcast for the “coffee talk” nature of it with Noon Cherry, Jakester, and occasionally The Scott Lewis. And would it kill you to include more RyanEligh? If I want dry hockey information and stats, I’ll read it on the news/statblogs. I come here for biased opinions, player behind-the-scenes stuff from Bourne, and snark. Lots and lots of snark.

    Is it a money issue? I feel like it’s money issue. Please pay them the money and please bring them back.

    Thank you,
    A 10-yr-old hockey fan dying of scurvy (not really)

    • I agree 1,000%, The old podcast was more listener friendly imo. Reminded me of having a drink with my buddies and talking hockey. An occasional outside guest wouldn’t be bad but the old style and crew are definitely the best.

  9. I agree with a ton of what’s already been said above. The back and forth has always been what’s been so great about BHS. Pizzo left, or was told to leave (whatever), and I actually continued to enjoy the format after that. I was about to delete the podcast from my phone, but wanted to wait until the season started to see what was going to happen. Bringing Noon and Jake back kept the thing on my phone for the time being. You guys are losing your beerability with this new format. Bring back the old style and throw in some of the new stuff. BHS shelf was refreshing, now it’s just more of the same BS I can get on local radio.

  10. I was hoping the Bourne podcast was a preseason thing, now that it’s the regular season we should get the whole gang, every day, forever right? RIGHT?!?!

  11. Glad to her Noon and Goldsbie back with Bourne. I think this format is soooooo much better. the dialog between them is what made the bshelf podcast different and awesome to listen to. the new format is good, but the old format and today’s podcast are great. Can we have you three back regularly?

  12. Bourne/Goldsbie/Noon combo!

    ..The reason I listen. Nothing compares with the dynamics of your humor, bluntness and insights. The 3 of your personalities together make the perfect unique combination you can’t find anywhere else.

    I agree with everyone else, the new format is good, but so aren’t most other hockey pod casts. The combo of you guys is great and that’s why I’ll tune in.

  13. Just go back to this format, please.

  14. Reunited and it feels so good!

    … Can’t believe I’m the first on that one. But really, despite the fact this whole show was pretty much all implausibly plausible predictions, it’s the only one of the new season that kept me all the way through. Please, please find a better way to deliver the new content than the totally flat, speaking-in-hockey-cliches interviews. Noon and Goldsbie plus a guest who’s willing to go off script is basically the platonic ideal of a great podcast. If you can get your guests to make wildly biased, totally silly gut check statements (like Noon and Goldsbie did all last year) it will improve the show 10000%. Ask them stupid icebreaker questions or something, just please don’t let them be all serious soundbite deliverers. It’s killing all the things that made the cast stand out.

  15. I don’t always comment on blogs, but when I do, I request that Noon and Goldsbie get reinstated IMMEDIATELY.

    SRSLY. Do it.

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