(Photo by Bill Zarras)

(Photo by Bill Zarras)

Podcast time! As you may or may not have heard (you’ve heard), the Flyers fired head coach Peter Laviolette on Monday, and replaced him with assistant coach Craig Berube. Gotta be among the toughest coach/GM combo in the league, no?

Frank Seravalli of the Philadelphia Daily News and I had a good chat about the drama that’s going on in Flyer-land (you can check out the home of a lot of his work, Frequent Flyers, here).

Specifically we discussed:

* Was the Laviolette firing actually a surprise?Frank Seravalli

* Did the players want him gone?

* Will it even make a difference?

* How much is the lack of success in Philly is based around the fact that basically nobody needs a new contract for 100 years?

* Is ex-brute Berube bright?

* Will Craig Berube make changes to the Flyers systems?

* What’s Holmgren’s hot-seat status?

* Is the goaltending good enough?

* Will there be trades ahead?

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