Shown: Tomas Hertl in the midst of scoring an amazing goal.

Shown: Tomas Hertl in the midst of scoring an amazing goal.


Florida 1
Philadelphia 2

Phoenix 1
NY Islanders 6

Carolina 2
Pittsburgh 5

Colorado 2
Toronto 1

Minnesota 2
Nashville 3

Tampa Bay 3
Buffalo 2 (OT)

New Jersey 2
Vancouver 3 (OT)

NY Rangers 2
San Jose 9 (Not OT)


Notable Numbers

* Tomas Hertl scored four times last night for the Sharks as San Jose piled on the Rangers by a score of 9-2. The Sharks look legitimately scary by the way, but we can talk about them later. For now let’s focus on the Teenage (check) Mutant (apparently) Ninja (undeniably) Hertl. He became the youngest player to score four goals in an NHL game (19 years, 330 days old) since Jimmy Carson did it (19 years, 254 days) in 1988.

He um, now leads the NHL in points and goals.


This all happened because I contemplated picking him up for my fantasy team – and didn’t – after his initial two goal showing, you all know that right? Now everyone is going to snap him up right as he boards the Regression Train back to Normaltown. (But seriously, he’s playing on a stacked Sharks team on Joe Thornton’s line, he’ll probably pour in a good amount of points this season.)

ANYWHO, the talk today is all about his fourth goal, one in which his confidence was so mindblowingly high that he went uber-fancy. I’ve got some thoughts on it, but first check it out for yourself:

My thoughts: obviously that is a fantastic, amazing goal, Full speed, through the legs, roof daddy. 19 years old. Four in a game. Sick.

I’m going to get crucified for saying this, but: that’s not that hard a move to pull off, and it’s effective. I’m surprised we don’t see it more – you get the goalie moving one way and you can shoot it back across the grain. It’s not that hard to get up either, it’s just a legitimate, great move. It’s not showboating or anything like that, it’s an effective way to score that just comes with the added perk of being And1 towel spin worthy.

They interviewed Hertl after the game, and it was pretty awesome. His Mom and GF were in the house and just bursting with pride. You can check that out here. Maybe he can give them one of his new hats?

* Jussi Jokinen was up against his old squad last night in the Carolina Hurricanes. The last time he played them after the trade he burned them for two goals, which must have really hurt, being that they’re still paying $900,000 of his salary just to not have him on their team. Well hahaha he burned them for a hat-trick last night in a 5-2 Pens win. Here’s all three:

* Some Islanders racked up some stats during a 6-1 rout of the Phoenix Coyotes: Frans Nielsen and Michael Grabner both had three assists, John Tavares scored twice, and Josh Bailey added a goal and two assists.

* Leafs fans are displeased after a 2-1 loss to the undefeated(!) Colorado Avalanche, mostly because Tyler Bozak received a full 10 minutes more ice-time than Nazem “bottom six” Kadri last night. Also because they seem to really want to hate the Jonathan Bernier trade, but the dude has been flat-out impressive so far. He stopped 31 of 33 on Tuesday.


What Happened

Rick Nash believes he was on the receiving end of a head shot

The only reason he thinks that, if we’re being honest, is because he received a shot to the head.

That’s Brad Stuart volunteering a piece of his elbow to Mr. Nash’s brain. After the game, Nash had this to say:

“I have a headache. It got worse. It was a head shot. I’m concerned the way it feels.”

He left the game and didn’t return, so needless to say, he’s on concussion-watch.

Will Stuart see supplementary discipline? Really tough call, but I’ll guess no. Stuart’s skates stay on the ice, and the elbow was called within the game. I really don’t care for the hit, so I’d be okay if the League decided to give him a game (he easily could’ve got more body here), but the things I mentioned and the fact that Nash’s head does change position (he’s turning up-ice) as Stuart approaches makes it hard to ding him. You can check out the full video here.


A couple OT winners were scored

Jason Garrison scored the overtime winner to put a damper on Cory Schneider’s return to Vancouver. Schneider was great though, as he stopped 29 of 32 shots (Luongo stopped 21 of 23). You can check out the Garrison goal here.

It doesn’t get the full embed, however, as this beauty from Alex Killorn was about 306 times nicer, and truly deserves it. His patience pushed the Bolts past the Sabres 3-2. Buffalo, man. You’re in for a year.

Mmm, OT winners instead of shootout winners, so delicious.

Oh, hey, let’s talk about something: I’m so confused by commentators who yell “SCORE!” without the “s” after goals, like in the video above. I mean, “He scores!” can be shortened to “Scores!” I’m not really sure what to do with the singular form. Is it advice? Did he not see it go in, and is telling the guys what to do? I mean “GOAL!” works as a singular. It’s a goal. We do not call it a score in hockey. And by “we do not call it a score in hockey,” I mean if you’re someone who does this, you should stop. Immediately.


Tim Thomas had an odd night

After getting shellacked by the St. Louis Blues, I thought Tim Thomas might be in an interesting situation. The Flyers are 0-3, just fired and replaced their head coach, and have enough talent to be decent.

Playing at home, I thought there was a chance they’d steamroll the Panthers, Thomas would have two bad games in a row, and things would start to get weird. Well, that sorta happened.

Thomas allowed two goals in bizarre fashion in the first period on five shots, pulled his groin in the process of the second one (in which he looked like a seal trying to jump on an iceberg to pull in a penguin), and left the game.

Markstrom took over and shut the Flyers down from then in, resulting in a narrow 2-1 victory for Philly. So, who’s the starter in Florida? Young prospect they’ve been developing with a long career ahead of him, or stopgap Tim Thomas?


Around The League

* Craig Berube told a reporter to “get lost” after a question about follow-up discipline for Jay Rosehill’s idiocy against the Panthers. In that close game, he took a penalty, started skating to the box, then averted course to go chase down someone else and take another penalty. Berube barb was more dismissive than anything, but still – rough start to the post-game pressers in Philly.

* Filip Forsberg scored his first NHL goal in his first NHL game for the Nashville Predators last night. He was traded there from Washington for Martin Erat, who’s holding down fourth line minutes for the Caps for some curious reason. So, in the early stages of this trade playing out, Nashville has to like the decision they made.

* Tyler Seguin is back on Twitter, for whatever that’s worth.

* And finally, you know we love it here whenever anyone goes Backhand. Shelf. Take it away, Tanner Glass.

Comments (23)

  1. It wasn’t Forsberg’s first game, he picked up a few last season.

  2. that fourth Hertl goal, what the hell is Staal doing coasting back like that. He just stops skating……

    Things said during hockey games that piss me off: calling a shot a try

  3. How about a SA post on that beautiful D-zone coverage by Myers on that GWG….? Slammed on the breaks not chasing the guy behind the net (smart if you don’t have the angle to put him into the wall…) then the puck comes out in front so Myers decides to wonder behind the net anyways effectively covering nobody…

    This kid better get his shit right quick. I’m normally a defender because fans in Buffalo are idiots, but that was a play a rookie shouldn’t make.

    • I was also going to request a (an?) SA for that goal. My first reaction was to blame Myers, but after watching it again, I wonder if Weber is more at fault. Or maybe the Sabres just suck and that’s all the analysis we need to do.

  4. Reactions to:

    Hertl’s 4th –

    Jokinen’s first goal… the kick to the stick with a slick backhand finish:

    So much good hockey:

  5. Oh god, those Hurricanes namebars are hideous.

  6. Watching Tanner Glass roof it on the backhand is a thing of a beauty. However, I am concerned because I noticed it was only a few inches from behind backhand-back-of-the-net instead of backhand-shelf. With the reduction of the size of the bottom of the goal to make more space behind the net came a reduction in the size of the shelf as well.

    Should we be concerned that backhand-shelf, or any roofed shot for that matter, is becoming an endangered species?

  7. Watching that last .gif….

    I hate Carolina’s sweater change. Until I saw the “J. Staal” nameplate, my first thought was “Who the hell are the Penguins playing? Team Canada?”

    Should’ve at least kept the “Hurricane warning flag” pattern at the bottom.

    • That flag worked so well. I don’t know why they got rid of it.

      • Absolutely agree. Clever, different, distinctive.
        Must of have been done by the same 3rd grader that’s designing the North American Olympic jerseys.

  8. So Justin… How many times did you score that way in your career? Or indeed how many times do we see it per season? My guess is that like so many things, it’s pretty easy to do in *practice*.

  9. oh man, probably one of my biggest commentator peeves is calling it a score. Glad we’re on the same page.

  10. “He shoot, he score!”

  11. The interesting thing about supplementary discipline for Stuart is that he was involved in a debated hit on Landeskog last season. The issue of that hit was whether the head was targeted, the principle point of contact, or just the initial point of contact. My recollection is that the League decided it had been the “initial point of contact,” meaning that Stuart would not be disciplined.

    Stuart’s pretty lucky going into his hearing about the Nash hit, because the League has no official way of accounting for “he just avoided some discipline the other time,” so he is a first-time offender. (I thought there should have been a suspension for the Landeskog hit for the head being the principle point of contact — if the league were *actually* serious about concussions.)

  12. I wonder if the video still exists of the media game that Bourne played in before the last Winter Classic (seems like eons ago). If I recall aright, he scored a Yertl the Hertl-style goal there.

  13. I just started playing hockey and I can nearly do the move Hertl made on that goal. I can drop it between my legs and shoot it, I just can’t elevate it very well. I’ve also got hands of stone so I would imagine pretty much any NHLer can do it. Most probably don’t because they don’t have the time/space to get away with it, but in a 7-2 blowout how hard do the guys on the losing team actually try?

    • Uh, that sounded a little negative. I still think that was a very pretty goal, it’s just that the move itself isn’t especially hard to do. Still a goal of the year candidate.

  14. I’m not trying to be contentious here, just trying to understand.

    I don’t really see a difference in the Nolan-Klesla hit and the Stuart-Nash one. My problem with both is I can’t conclusively see a head shot or even if the head was the principle point of contact. The angel is bad on both hits and I just don’t see how anyone could make a conclusion about either. Not saying it’s a clean hit because honestly, I don’t know.

    I’m open to insight.

    • The reverse angle helps in pointing it out. The refs actually called it an elbow on the ice and it sure looked that way in the heat of the moment, but you can see that it’s actually his shoulder on the reverse angle.

      Stuey might have grazed Nash’s shoulder on his way in, but remember that “principal point of contact” doesn’t necessarily mean “initial point of contact”. You can see Nash’s head move.

    • I meant to add that you’re in good company, by the way. Todd McLellan’s staff thought it was a clean hit and there’s plenty of Sharks homers who are claiming that Shanahan has a vendetta against the Sharks after the Torres hit from the last playoffs.

      Since this is kinda court of public opinionesque, I should mention that I root for the Sharks.

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