Win money playing fantasy hockey

Two words: Backhand Shelf

Made possible by Draftstreet.

The National Hockey League season is still in its infancy, but if you took the exclusive opportunity that Draftstreet offered last week, you’re already a seasoned pro at daily fantasy hockey competitions.

Sadly, all the experience in the world wouldn’t have allowed us to crack the top ten in last week’s competition, at least not with Mikkel Boedker on our roster. We ended up finishing 69th out of 1,341 competitors.

Not bad, but our 42.7 points paled in comparison to the winner’s score of 57.5. We overpaid for Sidney Crosby, who didn’t dominate like he’s capable. Games like these are all about finding bargains, and our best value was found in Lee Stempniak who had eight shots on net and Marc Staal who had a power play goal. It was a valiant effort, but not quite enough.

Hopefully, you fared better, but if not, don’t fret. Draftstreet is once again extending an exclusive offer to theScore readers that will allow you entry into a $500 contest by selecting a fantasy team for Saturday’s NHL action. Your entry in the contest – if you use this link – is absolutely free.

Just as before, there are guaranteed cash prizes for the top 50 entrants, including $100 for first place. All for free.

Selecting a team is incredibly simple. You’re given a $100,000 salary cap, and each player is assigned a price by DraftStreet. You select a roster of players to cover these positions: 1 Goalie, 2 Right Wing, 2 Left Wing, 2 Center, 2 Defensemen and 1 Flex. Once you’ve selected a roster for the coming week’s action, you receive points based on how the players on your team perform. The teams with the most points get the prize money. It’s just like a regular fantasy league, only you’re not stuck with bad decisions from a single draft.

Here’s how our team is shaping up this week:

We went with a roster full of guys with typically high shot totals, while buying low on defense and hoping for the best with Henrik Lundqvist in net. If you think you can do better than this, make sure your roster is submitted by Saturday October 12th, 2013, at 11 AM ET. You have until then to create a winning team.

Every week over $20,000 is won playing fantasy Hockey on DraftStreet. To get in on the money, all you have to do is follow these three steps:

1.  Sign up at Draftstreet;

2.  Pick your favorite NHL players; and

3.  Finish in the top 50 entrants.

Best of luck from theScore and Draftstreet.