jeff carter


Chicago 2
St. Louis 3

Montreal 2
Calgary 3

Ottawa 3
Los Angeles 4 (OT)


Notable Numbers

* Hey Mr. Carter…tell me where have you been (around the world now I’m back again): Jeff Carter scored twice (including the overtime winner) and added an assist against Ottawa, prompting these tweets from Dave Lozo:

He really is one of the game’s premier goal scorers.

* Sean Monahan is still making a good case for the Flames to keep him – he had a goal and an assist in the Flames 3-2 win over the Montreal Canadiens last night. THE FLAMES ARE UNDEFEATED THROUGH FOUR (2-0-2). I mean, sorry for yelling, but yeah. The 18-year-old rookie Monahan now has five points through four games. So are the Flames going to give him one of the best feelings in pro sports and say “You should probably get a place here?”

Pff, priorities.

The Flames rebuild isn’t aiming at this year, so they should probably not start Monahan’s entry-level contract, but they’re doing well enough to convince themselves that this year could matter (my apologies, but it won’t), and the kid is making it awfully tough to send him down. It sure looks like they’re going to keep him. I mean, with hair like this, they kind of have to.

sean monahan hair

* Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane both had one and one for two, but when the opposing goalie (Jaroslav Halak) stops 25 of 25 even-strength shots, it’s going to be tough to win. We’ll talk more about that below.

* P.K. Subban scored one and added an assist in the Habs loss (he also tied the Kings’ Dustin Brown for most shots Wednesday night with six). A lot of credit can go to Flames starter (I guess?) Joey MacDonald, who made 33 saves on 35 shots. Check out the Subban shot that beat him though. Oh MAN was it heavy and placed well:


What happened

The Senators threated the Kings throne


The Kings strolled out to a 3-0 lead in the first period, killed the headlights, and put it in neutral (stock car flaming with a loser and the cruise control), earning this tweet:

Buuut, the Sens chipped away, and found a way to get the game knotted at three, prompting the team’s official account (run by a former Backhand Shelf contributor, so you know it’s going to be good) to go with:

But as quickly as the Sens were teased with the potential of taking two points out of Los Angeles…

Jeff Carter scored 28 seconds into overtime, tipping a puck past Craig Anderson.

You don’t want to get tied up on the penalty kill, but boy, I find it hard to believe letting Jeff Carter stand untouched in front while you defend absolutely no one is the best defensive option. I mean, watch that goal – the Kings are overloaded on the right side, so who’s #3 (Marc Methot) defending by standing on a random patch of pre-assigned ice?


Nooo, no no, don’t pinch there don’t pinch there DON’T PINCH THERE

Division rivals, President’s Trophy hopefuls, mutual hatred…Blackhawks/Blues had a lot of potential last night, and boy, did it live up to the hype. It looked like we were going to get an overtime thriller in the Show Me State until…wait, why did Brent Seabrook pinch there?

Late in tie games teams have very little incentive to take risks, because hey, get that point and then worry about the second one. But Brent Seabrook jumped way down in the zone for some reason unbeknownst to me, and while Patrick Kane made a great backcheck to turn a 3-on-1 in the final seconds into a 3-on-2, Alex Steen made the smart choice to not pass up an opportunity in that situation, and he bombed one on net that found a hole in Corey Crawford.

That’s a huge win for St. Louis, but even bigger to take it in regulation.


The Flames are undefeated

That’s all, just thought I’d mention that again. (Oh, and while we’re having this conversation, so are the Avalanche.)


Around The League

Brad Stuart received a surprisingly stiff suspension

I commented on Brad Stuart’s hit on Rick Nash yesterday, saying this:

Really tough call, but I’ll guess no. Stuart’s skates stay on the ice, and the elbow was called within the game. I really don’t care for the hit, so I’d be okay if the League decided to give him a game (he easily could’ve got more body here), but the things I mentioned and the fact that Nash’s head does change position (he’s turning up-ice) as Stuart approaches makes it hard to ding him.

Shanahan disagreed about the head changing position, but he does curiously say “This is a player without a history of suspension” (he mentions a stick infraction in 2000-2001 that’s long been off his record). He mentions Stuart’s 1700-plus career hits that have come without supplemental discipline. He mentions “he does a lot of the things we ask players to do.”

He then goes on to say that Stuart makes an “unnecessary extension of body upward…,” but seriously, that’s how smaller people are able to knock down bigger people. It’s why we excuse skates coming off the ice after contact, because the natural motion of a body check is down-to-up, like a football player being told to get his shoulder pads lower than his opponent’s on initial contact.

After initially hearing of the suspension and tweeting that I supported clamping down on head hits, I followed up:

And that’s where I stand. It’s not a terrible decision, it just doesn’t seem in line with previous suspensions. (And hey, remember this Nash-on-Kopecky hit that got him zero games?) Here’s Shanahan explaining the video – worth noting that Nash’s apparent injury played a role in the final decision.



Other News

* Here’s a stunner for ya:

Wellwood was on a one month contract in Switzerland waiting for an NHL team to snap him up. All I can say is, I totally get it. It’s a grind, this constantly trying to climb, constantly moving houses, constantly living in uncertainty. I was probably ready to stop playing the a year before I did, but it’s tough to admit to yourself. For a lot of guys, it’s a relief to get out of the hockey rat race. He made a great go of it, but he’s a smart, capable dude who doesn’t necessarily need the game to enjoy a good life. All that said: I wouldn’t be shocked if some NHL team called him in the next week and was like “Dude, we need you.” He’s a great player, and eeeverybody likes money.

* John Tortorella thinks David Booth is weird, but supports that.

* Jonas Hiller has a throwback Ducks’ mask that rules (image via Puck Daddy):


* This is a real thing. My goodness.

* And finally, from Redditor “AC666,” here’s Joey MacDonald going throwback style with a sick two-pad jammer (which is easily the best thing to call a pad stack):