Joe Thornton

Hello! It’s podcast time again – this week I was joined by Backhand Shelf’s own Dave Lozo, to talk about some very important things (but primarily Joe Thornton’s penis).

We discussed:

* Max Lapierre, Patrick Kaleta and other “rats”

* “Advanced” stats usefulness from a centrist viewpoint

* A reporter and a player discuss whether Joe Thornton’s comments were on the record

* Peter Chiarelli’s comments on Tyler Seguin

* The starts by the Rangers and Devils

* And much more

All told, it was a good chat, if you can push through a few minutes of me talking solo about being okay with the Yakupov scratch, and the impending doom of the Calgary Flames. (The record of the teams they play on their upcoming road trip is 20-9-1, by the way. I didn’t miscalculate, I misspoke.)

There’ll be another podcast later this week with an in-studio guest as well, so stay tuned for that.

You can listen to Lozo and I here:

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Comments (8)

  1. The link isn’t working. I can’t download this brilliant (I’m sure) pod.

  2. why did you get rid of the daily podcast?

  3. Also, not showing up in iTunes. Dang.

  4. same here, doesn’t show up on podcast subscription or iTunes. You guys not getting along with Apple?

  5. Has an explanation ever been given about the format change?

    It sucks that my favorite daily podcast of last year has turned into a once-a-week generic sports talk show.

    You’ve lost your way, bshelf..

  6. Petr is right this blows.

  7. Ok bshelf, you can stop screwing around now! Bring back the old format with the rest of the guys. The new format sucks! What percentage of your listeners will you have to lose before you bring it back?

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