Standard comic book "NOOOoooooo."

Standard comic book “NOOOooooo” from Tim Thomas. Panthers lose 3-2 to Boston.


Pittsburgh 4
Philadelphia 1 (Recap)

Vancouver 3
Buffalo 0 (Recap)

Carolina 3
Toronto 2 (Recap)

Edmonton 2
NY Islanders 3 (Recap)

Minnesota 1
Tampa Bay 3 (Recap)

New Jersey 2
Ottawa 5 (Recap)

Columbus 3
Montreal 5 (Recap)

Boston 3
Florida 2 (Recap)

Los Angeles 2
Nashville 1 (SO) (Recap)

St. Louis 3
Chicago 2 (SO) (Recap)

San Jose 3
Dallas 4 (SO) (Recap)

Detroit 4
Colorado 2 (Recap)


Notable Numbers

* Michael Bournival, who I assume is a cool dude with a name like that (Bourne + carnival? Beautiful), scored his first NHL goal last night, and it was a beauty.

Y’know who also scored his first NHL goal last night? Basically everyone. Bournival. The Leafs’ Josh Leivo. The Hawks’ Brandon Pirri. The Hurricanes’ Ryan Murphy. Vancouver’s Ryan Stanton. Columbus’ Boone Jenner. Way to steal each other’s thunder, guys. Now everyone gets zero thunders.

* Here’s a number: eight seconds. That’s how long it took Taylor Hall to score twice last night versus the New York Islanders.

That beat Wayne Gretzky’s record with the Oilers of two goals in basically an eternity, nine seconds.

Gretzky spoke to Pierre LeBrun of ESPN about it:

“That is so cool, good for him, he’s a great kid. Records are so made to be broken, it’s good for the game. If Kevin Lowe would have got me the puck quicker it would have been 7 seconds!”

Another notable number: zero. That’s how many points the Oilers got on the heels of that Taylor Hall feat. They’re now 1-6-1.

Hall added “Right? I mean, someone has to fix this, we can’t be terrible again, can we?” Panicking, he then grabbed a reporter by the collar and shook him violently, yelling “WE CAN’T BE TERRIBLE AGAIN. PLEASE GOD NO.” (Okay, that didn’t happen.)

* One. That’s how many losses the San Jose Sharks and Colorado Avalanche now have. Both undefeateds fell, San Jose to Dallas, Colorado to Detroit. Johan Franzen had two goals to do his part in burying the Avalanche.

* Roberto Luongo pitched a 25 save shutout, which apparently still counts in the official record book even though it was against Buffalo.

* The Devils took 42 shots last night, which is very, very good. But Craig Anderson made 40 saves and they gave up five, so they’re still winless.


What Happened

Oof, Jonathan Bernier

The Toronto Maple Leafs were up 2-0 at home, which for a team that was sitting at 6-1 should pretty much mean game over. But they let the ‘Canes back in it, and once the score was tied THIS happened, which is one of the most amazing goals ever:

I’ve seen people ask if hybrid icing is to blame, and my official response to that is “What? What’s wrong with you?” This was correctly not blown down, and wouldn’t have been under the old system anyway, and Bernier is obviously making a play on what he believes to be a live puck. The only form of icing this gets blown down in is no-touch. He made an oopsie, and it cost them the game. It happens. End of story there.

Bernier was in the game because Reimer took a knee to the head just over 30 seconds in from his teammate Leivo, which means it’s time to be concerned about his brain, neck and spine again.


So close, but so far

Tim Thomas had the Florida Panthers knotted up at two in Boston thanks in no small part to his great play. But the winner Boston scored late…he’s probably not real pleased with.


Another ugly hit

Cody McLeod was on the forecheck last night, and seemed to get locked in on finishing his check on Niklas Kronwall. When the Wings defenseman made a little cutback and McLeod read it, it resulted in the below, which is sort of terrible to watch:

McLeod will have an in-person hearing with the league, which mean his suspension could be more than five games. I’m guessing it’ll be right around that 4-6 number.

From Pro Hockey Talk:

“Tough situation for him, anytime you get hit like that, you’re out cold,” Wings head coach Mike Babcock told the Detroit Free Press. “You’re scared to say the least.

“These hits are things we’ve got to get out of the game.”

Folks aren’t too pleased with the call from the Avalanche play-by-play guys.


Other News

* Oh no, Ryan Callahan. Oh freakin’ no.

The Rangers were already off to rough start. Then they got their captain back, then they won a game against a division rival…and then this. Sometimes you just don’t get dealt the cards.

*Chris Osgood interviewed Patrick Roy, which was awesome. If you remember, they once scrapped, and questions about their brawl do come up:

And finally…

* Dirty hits are not limited to the NHL, as you may know. Check out this hit that the KHL’s own YouTube page deems “The dirtiest hit ever.” We’re guessing they use that terminology because HOLY HELL WHAT’RE YOU DOING?? This “hit” is borderline criminal.