Crosby Landeskog


 Colorado 1
Pittsburgh 0 (Recap)

San Jose 1
Detroit 0 (SO) (Recap)

Calgary 3
Los Angeles 2 (Recap)


Notable Numbers

* From Kyle Smith of theScore:

The Pittsburgh Penguins struggled with the man advantage, going 0-8 after coming into the game with the second best power play in the NHL (motoring along at a 28% clip).

Yeah, that’ll cost you one in the loss department, pretty much every time.


Crosby did snap seven shots on goal, and play 26:40.

Other quick Time-On-Ice notes:

I share my actual tweets instead of just rehashing them because, y’know, you should follow me on Twitter. I don’t even feel bad if that plug was unsavoury. Anywho, I guess that’s a product of all the time the Avs were shorthanded.

* J.S. Giguere got his second shutout and third win (with no losses) of the season by stopping all 34 shots from the Pittsburgh Penguins. Most impressively, 13 of those stops were on the penalty kill against the usually deadly Pens powerplay (the Avs mustered 14 shots total, by the way). He’s now given up two goals in three games for a .981 save percentage. He’s started back-to-back games too.

* Speaking of goaltending, Antti Niemi stopped 24 of 24 Red Wings’ shots for the shutout, including all three shootout attempts (more on that below). Oh, and his opponenet Jimmy Howard, stopped 27 of 27…in a loss. That’s a tough pill to swallow.

* Mike Cammalleri had one and one for two in his first game of the season. His teammates Mark Giordano and Jiri Hudler continued their great seasons by tacking on two assists each (nine and 11 points respectively).


What Happened

This is the best they could dredge up from the big battle of Cole Harbour

It was pretty rough enduring the concept that Crosby vs. MacKinnon was something we should be super interested in (MacKinnon is good and will be great, but how many better players are there in the league at this point, 60? 90?), but hey, it’s a story line – they’re both very good and from the same place in Nova Scotia. Regardless, the League needed something from the “battle,” and since nothing crazy happened, they’ve included this fake cut-back from Sidney Crosby as the defining moment of the night. And hey, it’s a nice fake. If it were a basketball game there’d be some towel-waving and yelling about broken ankles and much shame felt by the defender.


Antti Niemi made a nice stop

I refuse to get as amped up about this as my twitter feed did (hey, I’m piles of fun today, aren’t I?) because when goalies get beat and realize the shooter is going upstairs, they all do this (leaving your pad on the ice is pretty braindead if you see the guy lean and head upstairs), but it worked perfectly in this case. The Sharks beat the Red Wings 1-0 in a shootout.

Okay, I undersold that. It was pretty damn nice.

Often early in the year you’ll see two good teams come together who show a ton of respect for one another, and you can almost always bet the under in those games. Defense defense D FENCE.


Speaking of nice stops…

In the third period of the Avs 1-0 win over Pittsburgh, Crosby and Kunitz had a rush that resulted in this save:

Part luck, part awesome, all goaltending.


An Opinion

I figure if I don’t want this morning feature to be pure news I should, y’know, not make it pure news. So, I’ll be adding a thought from now on.


I find these quotes from Dallas Eakins on Jordan Eberle kinda odd. Eberle has missed a couple practices letting something hurt get well, as one should. So here’s Eakins:

“It’s one of those nagging ones.”

That happens. Gotta let ouchies get right.

“Even before I knew how he was yesterday, I let our medical staff know that I didn’t want him to skate. I don’t think it’s necessary.”

Totally smart.

“He’s a fairly fit kid and he’s played lots of minutes for us.”

“Fairly,” eh? Can’t bring yourself to call another person “fit” there, Chris Traeger? “Like, not in comparison to me, but to the other players.”

“It’s not like practicing is going to help him be better right now. I wanted him to stay off the ice.”

Again, agreed.

“I knew it was going to screw up my practice a little bit but I was OK with that.”

Easy there, martyr. Let’s keep this on Eberle’s injury, and not how great you’ve been in letting him let it heal.

“You can argue he’s been our best forward and a big part of our team. Just running practice without him isn’t for the feint hearted.”

I literally have no idea what that last part means. What happens when he doesn’t practice?

“We’ll cross our fingers that he’s good for tomorrow but we’ve got to be careful with that too. We don’t want to rush him and make it turn into something bigger.”

Of course not. But being that he’s only semi-fit and running practice without him turns the ice surface into a terrifying place, you don’t want to let him sit out too long.

Pretty innocuous quotes, I know, I just find Eakins…interesting.


Other News

* The Kings Vine’d this up yesterday, and I feel the need to explain the reactions:

The goal with the warm-up game is for the ball to stay up forever (maximum two touches per guy before someone else has to touch it)…except for that’s not true at all. You hack it around, but whoever kills the rally (touches the ball last before it hits the ground) is eliminated. Which means you can kick it at guys, have it touch them on the way down, and eliminate them. Dude is mad in the video because that ball should kick off the wall and be playable by the guy in the hoodie, but it hits the fire bell on the wall and lands in the middle of the circle, leaving him as the last to touch it with no one else to blame. I may or may not have missed pro hockey games because of an injury sustained doing this. I’m not willing to say.

* The Oilers managed to trade Mike Brown to the San Jose Sharks for something:

I responded with this, which I’m still on board with:

…But I’m sure the Oilers are just as happy to replace him with, well whoever. Brown was making $736k for $550k value, and this brings them down to 48 contracts, which provides them with more flexibility. Everyone’s happy.

* Michael Grabner got two games for his hit on Nathan Gerbe, which will cost him just north of 30,000 dollars:

* Cody McLeod got five games for his hit on Niklas Kronwall:

* Dan Boyle will likely be out for a bit:

* And finally, here’s a teaser for the Chicago Blackhawks Cup video titled “17 Seconds.”


They win.