Lars Eller

Hola! It’s Podcast Wednesday, and I’ve got a friend in the studio today, Mr. Thomas Drance of theScore dot com. Y’know, the place we work at.

Thomas is a news editor for us here, and he also writes for Vice,, and the Sporting News. You should probably follow him on Twitter too, he’s a knowledgeable hockey dude.

Today we discussed:

* Lars Eller on the Oilers, Dallas Eakins on Lars Eller and all that

* Helmet-less fighting, and the NHL’s displeasure with it

* Potential Olympic players who are trending up and down

* NHL teams who are trending up and down

* And quick hits from all around the League – Monahan, Torts,  the Seguin trade and more

You can listen to it here:

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  1. A thought: right now, you can’t remove your own helmet to fight. Do you think the next step for the League would be for refs to automatically stop fights as soon as helmets come off, regardless of whether it was intentional or a result of a punch? (Also not being allowed to remove each other’s helmets)

  2. Hey Bourne,
    In terms of the left handed D why is Brian Campbell not getting any attention?
    Also, Marchand is trending way down, no way he makes that team now.

    If we are seriously going to consider keeping players together for the purposes of chemistry (San Jose PP) at what point does the Crosby Kunitz, Stamp St.louis pairings come into play?

  3. Thank you for switching to Soundcloud. THANK YOU!

  4. I’ve said this before, but why should defensemen shoot high. I was always taught as a kid to shoot low, partly out of respect to your own forwards and partly because its easier for your forwards to deflect. Our coach would scream at us to keep the puck down and so would our forwards if you drilled one of them in the chest with a shot from the point.

    its not a new development that goalies go into the butterfly and take away the bottom of the net. So I don’t really understand this recent change to shooting high.

  5. FYI, Martin St. Louis is 38 and 4 months, and so will be closer to 39 than 38 during the Olympics. That beard is a lot greyer than you suggested. That said, he continues to defy father time, and deserves serious consideration.

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