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We had a particularly great podcast guest today, as TSN‘s Bob McKenzie joined me in studio for a chat. We talked about what he does, the value of social media, current NHL news and more.

In particular, we discussed:

* Bob’s path to his current role

* The challenges that come with being an “insider”

* How his job has changed over the years

* The NHL today, specifically the:

- Islanders
- Jets
- Avalanche
- Leafs
- Oilers, and
- Sabres

* And of course, much more

You can listen to it here:


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Comments (7)

  1. Bobby Mac saying asshole just made my shitty day better.

  2. Great podcast, first one of these new format ones I really enjoyed…got to see (hear) a side of Bobby Mac that you don’t when he’s on tv.

  3. “It was Duchene wasn’t it?” “I think it was Landeskog” :D

  4. awesome, awesome, awesome.

  5. When I first heard about the new format I was pretty disappointed. Now having it around for a month or two I have to say I was totally wrong. These new podcast have been really consistently awesome. Great insights and great stories.

    • Nice of you to say. Quality over quantity was the idea, but I’d still like to step up the latter too. Appreciate the feedback!

  6. It never occurred to me that I might ever hear B-Mac say “strokin it”

    I really love this guy. You’re doing glorious work Justin.

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