Dallas Eakins

Happy Friday folks. We figured we were long overdue to get Scott Lewis (AKA SLewis) on the show, so we went with a general NHL wrap-up and had some fun.

We discussed:

* Dallas Eakins getting told he sucks

* The Oilers start

* Talbot for Downie

* The Buffalo Sabres. Oh, the Sabres

* Reader tweets (Seth Jones, captains, Movember, coaching)

* And much more

You can listen to it here:

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Comments (7)

  1. I’m pumped about the Leafs game tomorrow.

    Normally I’m left to cheer for my alternate team of the Bruins to have a hope of beating those dirty diving smug Canucks, not this year. This year we’re going deep and Saturday night is a good test. They better look over their shoulders and keep their heads up

    - Leafs transplant in Edmonton

  2. Worst Canadian fanbases & media:
    (1) Oilers — looking at you Craig Simpson
    (2) Bruins + Leafs — looking at Colin Campbell’s waterboy Darren Dreger, Damien Cox, etc.
    (3) …

    Everyone else is cool and doesn’t go way overboard becoming jealous, spiteful, and manipulative when their own team isn’t involved.

    Look at the Stanley Cup runs with & without Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa. Those are happy people that like hockey, riots and all. I can’t wait to see the Jets take a shot. I loathe hearing from the Oilers, Bruins, and Leafs whether they do well or poorly — that’s the sign of poisonous supporters.

  3. Hey Justin, please don’t use Soundcloud. It’s incredibly annoying not to have a volume control on the streaming app. The app you were using before was fine, but if you have to pick a new one please try to find one that has a volume control on it, because the lack is beyond frustrating.

  4. Screw the Oilers, Eakins or not, and their hype. Work hard and win or stop whining. Even Toronto is ahead of you now.

    Just another team that gets preferential treatment for suspensions. If Ashton played for almost any other team it’d be a 5 game suspension. You would think that extra protection alone would put them above 0.500

    Oh look out, the Taylor Hall Defence Forces are coming after me. I thought I heard him whining from here

  5. Love SLewis episodes! Punch-Corsi is maybe the most compelling reason to leave fighting in hockey alone.

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