Tyler Seguin goal


Calgary 1
Minnesota 5 (Recap)

Edmonton 4
Florida 3 (OT) (Recap)

Philadelphia 1
Carolina 2 (OT) (Recap)

NY Islanders 2
Washington 6 (Recap)

Ottawa 4
Columbus 1 (Recap)

Dallas 3
Boston 2 (SO) (Recap)

St. Louis 3
Montreal 2 (SO) (Recap)

Vancouver 2
Phoenix 3 (SO) (Recap)

Buffalo 4
San Jose 3 (SO) (Seriously) (Recap)


Notable Numbers

* Alex Ovechkin returned to the Washington Capitals in grand fashion, scoring two goals and adding an assist. One of his goals made Evgeni Nabokov react like this:

“If I stay verrrry still no one will notice me here…”

* The Oilers Mark Arcobello scored his first NHL goal, and followed it up with another later in the game. Also scoring first? His two teammates Philip Larsen and Taylor Fedun.

* Zach Parise had two goals and an assist in the Wild’s win.

* John Tavares had a goal and an assist in the Isles 6-2 loss, which is exactly what you’d expect.

* The Capitals Tom Wilson recorded his first NHL point, and followed it up with his first NHL goal. That means he gets shaving cream in the face. That ALSO means that we get this AMAZING Alex Ovechkin face.

I think this calls for one of Puck Daddy’s photoshop contests. Here’s the GIF from Japer’s Rink:

* Erik Karlsson scored two goals and extended his point streak to five games because he is amazing.


What Happened

The big return

By now you’re well aware that Dallas and Boston made a big trade in the off-season. Well, last night the two teams faced off for the first time since, meaning Tyler Seguin and Rich Peverly skated in front of their old fans in a barn where they won a Cup in the Black and Yellow. Neither were particularly amazing in regulation, but when the game went to a shootout, both players got their numbers called.

Seguin got them close with this angry shot…

And Peverly iced the game.


The big return part deux

Manny Malhotra’s career was nearly ended in Vancouver by an eye injury, but he wasn’t ready to hang ‘em up. He rehabbed, got signed by the Carolina Hurricanes farm team, and was eventually given a shot with the big club. He scored the OT winner for the Canes last night:



Tic tac toe…tic again, I guess?

The Minnesota Wild scored one of the nastier goals I’ve seen in sometime, and it came in a four-on-four situation. Dishin’ magicians:


Wait, what?

In a previous “An Opinion” section, I wrote about the Sabres/Sharks matchup that was on the docket last night, and what an assault it was going to be. Hell, I tweeted this:

Well, miraculously, the Sabres beat the Sharks 5-4 in a shootout despite two things – this defense on Joe Thornton:

And the fact that the Sharks clearly scored in overtime, clearly before the whistle. Puck clearly goes in. CLEARLY.

I’m thinking the ref was mentally fixated on the intial shot (not shown here – full video here) which hits the inside of the post, knew it didn’t go in, and didn’t even consider the follow-up action. The puck dropped before it had time to even go to video review.

The saddest thing about this, aside from it costing me a loss in my survivor pool, is that the Sabres are tanking here, people. Don’t go burdening them with excess points.


Heads up

Some of hockey’s best hits come when a forward gets solid possession in his own zone, and assumes the d-man will be backing off as they so often do. Last night Erik Cole was like “Alright, let me just double check that I have solid possession of the puck, and get to showing off these great wheels I’ve gOHMIGOD…”


An Opinion

Really, Bruins fans? You’re going to boo Tyler Seguin? The young man who you loved for years, who helped you win a Stanley Cup, who was traded unwillingly? Yeah, how dare he do something completely out of his control like get dealt! What’s your issue, that he partied a lot (en route to leading the team in points last year)? My god, give your collective head a shake. That Bruins smear campaign was glass-level transparent.


Other News

* Pekka Rinne has an e. coli infection in his hip. You can read more about his situation from our own Jo Innes here.

* Jay Feaster wants to make it mandatory for their players to wear additional foot protection, and the players be like…”Yo, NHLPA, can this dude even do that?”

* And finally, Alex Ovechkin’s mustache still needs some work:

Comments (16)

  1. Awesome to see for Malholtra, agree that booing Seguin is really foolish but I guess it must be hard to impress Sports fans in Boston. Glad to see hits like the Cole one are still allowed… for now.

    • I actually didn’t hear a ton of boos. They were definitely present but it was more of a smattering… nothing like what you would hear for Kessel or a deserving character like Cooke or Scott.

      • ^This.

        (More characters to have a long enough comment to be acceptable)

      • On tv, it sounded like what we hear when Chara has the puck in a Canadian rink. Definitely noticeable and more than a smattering.

        • I didn’t think it was anywhere near as close as that. Those are usually quite loud, while this was just a few idiots.

          Then again, I had much of the first period on mute so that might explain the differing views

  2. I loved Jack’s call in the aftermath of the Boychuk hit. As soon as Boychuk got up he knew he had a target on him and sure enough Vern Fiddler came charging at him only to also be thrown to the ice. Vern got 4 for roughing while Boychuk got 2 for ‘obliterating him’

  3. As a Bruins fan, booing Seguin was an utter embarrassment! Tim Thomas is back Thursday, hoping the clueless booing idiots will realize that we don’t win the Cup without TT in net (or without Nathan Horton, when he returns with Columbus).

  4. As a B’s fan, I was disgusted by the fans last night. Even Jack and Brick commented on it on a couple of occasions. Completely uncalled for response.

  5. This isn’t surprising. They’ll probably boo timmy too. Boston/New England fans are like this in every sport. If you haven’t done anything within the last two weeks you’re awful, deserve to be traded, and are this or that.

    That said, most fan bases are like this. I will say, speaking as a bruins fan, to me it seems as if the boston ones are whinier and more forgetful than most.

    • “That said, most fan bases are like this”

      I dunno, when former Habs players come back they usually get cheers, unless they leave for rivals (like Komisarek did), and Dallas certainly isn’t a rival for the Bruins. The closest parallel I can think of for Seguin would be when Latendresse was traded, and I’m fairly certain they cheered him in Montreal his first game back… could be wrong, but I don’t think so.
      Then again, Habs fans are also far more likely to boo their own players than any other fan base.

      • Not that it really should play a part in this but Dallas is something of a rival as there is considerable bad blood between the two franchises. There have been at least two fight-filled games between them in the last 4 years (one with the Ott-induced linebrawl and another with 3 fights in 15 seconds to start the game). The Stars are not well liked by Bruins fans.

  6. I’m not sure i’ve ever seen an actual fail train before, but Sabres D on Thornton has executed perfectly.

  7. Yeah, not the first time an unwilling trade participant got booed in their old building. Chelios got an earful in Chicago on his own “Heritage Night” a couple years ago…

  8. Did Peverly get boo’d? Well there you go. I don’t condone booing him, let’s move on, but as a wise man once said “If Tyler Seguin was late-night-mode in Boston during the team’s Cup push, you can understand why the organization (and fans! edit) would be frustrated enough to say “You screwed us over. We don’t know what your ceiling is, and while we suspect it’s extremely high, we don’t trust that you can get it straightened out to find out here. So here’s a one-way ticket outta town.” When your team loses in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final and your team’s most offensively talented guy can’t help give you a push because he’s going out when you have guys like Patrice Bergeron playing through what appears to be a Hummer-on-pedestrian accident…you’re going to reach the point where you’ve had enough.”

  9. The NHL better not be consistent with suspensions.

    That Boychuck on Cole hit was at least 3 times as bad as Rome on Horton, and there is no way we can afford to have Boychuck out for 50 games.

    Boychuck isn’t a repeat offender, remember he didn’t even get 2 minutes for suplexing Mason Raymond, let alone a suspension.

    It’s a shame Seguin is gone, he was the rare Bruin talent not to wear a black and white striped uniform, but he was an infectious slob that had to be cut out.

    • Before you get upset ladies, Nathan Horton skating head first into a stationary Aaron Rome was way worse than Johnny Boychuck executing a complete break of Mason Raymond’s spine. Raymond was diving as members in the pressbox that night will attest.

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