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Winnipeg 1
Chicago 4 (Recap)

Pittsburgh 1
New York 5 (Recap)

Nashville 6
Colorado 4 (Recap)

Phoenix 2
Anaheim 5 (Recap)


Notable Numbers

* Like usual, Colin Wilson scored twice and had two assists for a four point game wait what? Damn, that’s a career night right there.

* Henrik Lundqvist stopped 28 of 29 shots from the Pittsburgh Penguins, who are usually pretty good at scoring goals. .966 save percentage there.

* Matt Duchene had a three point night, with a goal and two assists. But can we talk about how absurd this dude is? The talk is about him playing with Crosby in the Olympics. And hey, why not?

Really no reason the defensemen can’t cut him off there aside from just raw speed.


What Happened


I don’t care if this should be in “other news” because it isn’t exactly game related, this is fantastic and has to be discussed. Adam Pardy gets hit through the glass in Chicago by Bollig, so a nearby fan decides to tear off Pardy’s bucket and wear it. His wife or girlfriend follows suit by pouring a beer on him. They’re smashed. It’s amazing.

First, how it happens:

Second, bask in the glory of the best part.

The helmet-snatch, the bucket-donning, the beer pour from the ladyfriend…it’s all too much. It’s all too incredible. Here’s the full video:

And here’s what Pardy himself had to say about the incident:

I know I should tsk-tsk a little at the fan etiquette on this one, and I will, once I stop laughing.


There was a borderline hit

Jamie McGinn smoked Seth Jones, which led to the latter heading to the dressing room for repairs.

McGinn charges, and maybe even jumps a bit. The hit is a bit from behind. It doesn’t look good, but there is the defense that Jones took contact right before the hit from another player, which altered his positioning at the last second. Decide if it’s suspendable or not for yourself:


Career first alert

Hampus Lindholm has both an amazing name, and an NHL goal.


Still holding the crown

While Matt Duchene is becoming the most exciting player in the league to watch, Patrick Kane is probably the dude he’s chasing. He did it again last night:


An Opinion

If you’re not a Twitter user, you really missed out during the whole Adam Pardy helmet fiasco. You missed some great points…

 Some hilarious points…

Some points that were a cross between great and hilarious…

It was a lot of fun, get yourself a Twitter account, will ya?

Good talk.


Other News

* The Wayne Gretzky statue in his hometown? Yeah, the names “engraved” on the Cup aren’t exactly legit. Like, Kanye West, Ralph Waldo Emerson-style not legit.

Nathan Horton is back on skates.

* And finally, Tim Thomas is fifth in jersey sales in the NHL? The hell does that happen?

Comments (10)

  1. On the Jones hit I think he turns away from the hit causing it to be more from behind. If Jones doesn’t turn I think McGinn gets him pretty much in the shoulder. Certainly a penalty. Probably not more.

  2. Somewhere, there is an army of underground freedom fighters wearing Tim Thomas jerseys as uniforms, according to NHL jersey sale statistics.

  3. yeah I think the entire internet already covered the tsk-tsk part of the helmet grab for you. The fact that people get so worked up over something so stupid is almost as funny as the act itself.

  4. Jones sees the hit coming, it looks like he even makes eye contact, and is bracing for a shoulder to shoulder hit the shove in the back turns him a fraction of a second before McGinn gets there. If you stop the video around 1:02 you can see their shoulders just a few inches from contact. Not sure how you can suspend on that, not much McGinn could have done.

  5. The beer toss was so nonchalant, just like ok, you’re conscious? Cool, let me throw my beer at you.

  6. Agreeing with RC and Rob on the hit: a definite penalty, but no suspension. Jones definitely sees it coming. Turning away from the hit was dumb, and it doesn’t look like the contact by the other Avalanche did enough to warrant his change of position, so the awkwardness of the hit itself wasn’t McGinn’s fault aside from his charge, which was caught by the refs.

  7. The whole sequence of Kane with the puck before drawing the tripping penalty was even better then the goal, imo. Talk about having the puck on a string.

    • Agreed. It didn’t end up in the net so it’s not in any of the highlight videos, but that sequence was insane.

  8. If Jones plays in an original 6, its a suspension. Typical.

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