Florida 1
Boston 4 (Recap)

NY Rangers 4
Columbus 2 (Recap)

New Jersey 3
Philadelphia 0 (Recap)

Minnesota 2
Washington 3 (SO) (Recap)

NY Islanders 0
Carolina 1 (Recap)

Montreal 1
Ottawa 4 (Recap)

Dallas 4
Detroit 3 (OT) (Recap)

Edmonton 2
Tampa Bay 4 (Recap)

Calgary 2
St. Louis 3 (Recap)

Buffalo 0
Los Angeles 2 (Recap)

Vancouver 4
San Jose 2 (Recap)


Notable Numbers

* It was all about the goalies last night:

- Martin Brodeur – heard or him? 22 saves on 22 shots vs. the Flyers.

- Justin Peters21 of 21 shots stopped to shutout the Isles.

- Robin Lehnerstopped 33 saves on 34 shots for a .971 save percentage. Yeah that’s not bad.

* From the League:

Lightning forward Steven Stamkos potted his 12th and 13th markers for his third multi-goal game of the season (15 GP). Stamkos has 8-4—12 during a seven-game point streak, including goals in five consecutive contests (6-1—7). He ranks second in the NHL with 22 points, one behind Penguins captain Sidney Crosby (8-15—23).


What Happened

The Dallas Stars might secretly be pretty good

New jerseys, new teammates, new coach, new GM…it was never going to be particularly tidy right away.

But the ship seems to be pointed in the right direction right now, so maybe keep an eye on this group.

Rich Peverly, take it (and by it, I mean the two points) away:

I have such a hockey crush on Nichushkin, if I haven’t mentioned that enough lately.


Speaking of Dallas

This Jamie Benn goal is almost equalled in greatness by the flatness of the colour guy’s reaction.


Suspension time

Last night Jesse Winchester forgot the “don’t throw jumping elbows into people’s heads” rule, and as a result has a hearing with the league.

You probably shouldn’t do that. I’m guess that costs some money right there.


I don’t miss this part of hockey

An ice rink is basically just a human blender that a bullet mixed in, so people inevitably get hurt. Last night was no different. As our own Erin Valois explained:

The puck showed no mercy on Thursday: Blood poured (not dripped, poured) out of Senators forward Chris Neil’s face thanks to an errant puck to the face by teammate Erik Karlsson. Way to go. Then, Devils defenseman Eric Gelinas was seen on crutches after the game because he blocked a shot with his foot. It looks like he escaped without a fracture, but it is not clear if he will play against the Leafs on Friday. Finally, Wild forward Zach Parise couldn’t take part in the shootout because he hurt his wrist, also from a blocked shot, and Minnesota lost 3-2 to the Capitals.

You should follow Erin on Twitter, by the way.


Claude Giroux, you guys

He didn’t talk to the media after their terrible loss to a poor Devils team at home, so people are upset. And by people, I mean some media members. I have no idea if this matters or not, just thought I’d prep you for the avalanche of attack articles that are coming.


Anze Kopitar scored a beaut

I know, you’re used to that header.


An Opinion

Pavel Datsyuk is probably the most skilled human on earth with a hockey puck. He’s everything you could ever want in a player, myself included. And hey, last night he did this:

An undeniably great goal. A display of personal skill. Another highlight for his resume. I love him, you love him, got it. …Just allow me this, isall I’m saying:

That goal, in particular, was not that “holy s**t” worth as a player (even though the public reaction has been that), because he went for option A, it was available to him, and it resulted in a goal. Great execution, it was just a basic dangle.

If your plan is to dangle someone, the first thing you do is put the puck under their triangle (it’s becoming increasingly clear that Datsyuk does this better than anyone). But yeah, that’s a pretty basic go-to. Puck under stick near skates, carry on.

So yes. YES. Datsyuk’s goal last night was sick. But because it wasn’t outside the playbook, I refuse to lose my mind along with the group today. He saw option one, took option one, shot it in. Very nice goal.


Other News

* Tickets are more expensive …which one would expect after a lockout. (No? Oh okay then that’s weird.)

* Cam Janssen now has more goals than Claude Giroux.

* Kevin Dineen got fired! The Florida Panthers hired Peter Horachek as the interim guy.

* And finally, the Canucks won, but Joe Thornton scored a weird one.