Nazem Kadri oof


Toronto 1
Minnesota 2 (SO) (Recap)

Philadelphia 2
Pittsburgh 1 (Recap)

Dallas 3
Edmonton 0 (Recap)


Notable Numbers

* This is not a sentence you want written about your team. From “It’s the first time in franchise history the Oilers have been shut out three consecutive times at home.”  Show ‘em you’re a tiger. Show ‘em what you can do!

* Kari Lehtonen was excellent in stopping all 22 shots the Oilers threw at him. And actually, the Oilers’ Dubnyk wasn’t bad either – he stopped 23 of 24 Stars’ shots.

* Brayden Schenn had both the Flyers’ goals and six hits to push Philly past Pittsburgh.

* Jonathan Bernier stopped 33 of 34 shots from the Wild…in a loss.


What Happened

Nazem Kadri has a hearing

Kadri was cutting towards the Wild’s net when he ran into Niklas Backstrom and took a two-minute penalty for goaltender interference. It probably deserved more than that.

As a forward, you know when you’re around the net, and you know that means looking out for the goalie. I don’t think his goal was to smoke Backstrom, but there’s definitely a point when he realizes contact is about to be made. At that point, instead of pulling up he pushes out into the hit, and takes the Wild goaltender out of the game. He’s probably gonna miss a game or two.

He later got kicked out of the game for a “hit to the head” on Granlund

…in what most people think was a “yeah, we probably shoulda tossed him for the prior hit” type of call.

Hitting – hard hits that hurt too – is allowed in the NHL, but between that borderline play and the previous one, it was probably time for him to take his gear off.


Kari Lehtonen stole one from Jordan Eberle

For some reason I can’t help but think it was the mustache that screwed him over.

Lehtonen, for the uninformed, is good, and has been for awhile now:


Late push

The Leafs were beating the Wild through about 55 minutes, when Zach Parise scored a bit of a lucky one. The Wild went on to win in a shootout, and frankly, they probably deserved both points last night.


The only goal in the Oilers/Stars game

Technically there were two others, but they were both empty-netters, so for our purposes, here’s the only goal in the game between Dallas and Edmonton. Rich Peverly kinda surprise-tucks it under the bar.


An Opinion

As you’re more than aware, yesterday the Buffalo Sabres fired their GM and head coach, and hired Pat LaFontaine and Ted Nolan. I wrote this as part of my reaction yesterday:

Creating the position of President of Hockey Operations for Pat LaFontaine is a great call. If the Sabres are, as Pegula says, about people, Pat is one of the best, and he’s awfully smart too. I believe in the trickle-down in cases like this.

Bringing in Ted Nolan is somewhere between a curious and “bad” move. A lot of people wonder why he didn’t get more NHL opportunities after losing his last NHL gig, and that answer is, quite bluntly, that he’s not that great at coaching. Complex, I know. He’s a wonderful man – I mean that, he really is – but he wasn’t blackballed or anything. He’s just not that great at it. And to slap the “interim” tag on him on top of that is even more curious. Why not take the time to find Your Guy before getting some other guy’s hopes up?

I’m guessing the Sabres put “interim” there in case the GM they hire isn’t a fan of Nolan’s, but you’d think they’d wait to make the major changes at major positions before sending in a guy to “change the culture,” as they claimed.

The Sabres are going to be terrible this year, that’s still happening. But I do believe that with Pat LaFontaine taking on a bigger role, there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon. It’s dim, but if you’d asked me yesterday, I would’ve said I didn’t see it at all.

So there you go Sabres fans. A step in the right direction, sort of.


Other News

* Someone who’s apparently a Canadian pop star, Keshia Chante or something, is apparently dating Ray Emery. Because of that, when Robin Lehner spoke out against the Emery/Holtby fight, she chirped him on Twitter. More on the story here.

* I believe it was our own Dave Lozo who called the Flyers eventually citing their brawl with Washington as a turning point. It’s happening. 4-1-1 since.

* And finally, Ovechkin-beard is AMAZING.