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Columbus 2
Boston 3 (OT) (Recap)

Los Angeles 3
NY Islanders 2 (Recap)

Anaheim 1
Tampa Bay 5 (Recap)

Colorado 3
St. Louis 7 (Recap)

Phoenix 4
Chicago 5 (SO) (Recap)

Dallas 7
Calgary 3 (Recap)

San Jose 2
Vancouver 1 (OT) (Recap)


Notable Numbers

* Remember when the Boston Bruins traded a borderline #1 overall kid (he fell to #2) who helped them win a Stanley Cup for some “okay” guys? That may end up being a thing. Tyler Seguin had a hat-trick four goal game against the Calgary Flames (still counts) to go with an assist last night which brings his point total on the season to 22 in 19 games …is that good?

* Oh, and hey: Jamie Benn had a six point night (one goal, five apples). That oughtta help your stats for the season (also at 22 in 19).

Get this guy on Team Canada, f’real though.

 Maybe he’s valuable?

* The Blues abused the Avalanche 7-3, so someone obviously had a big night – in this case, it was TJ Oshie, who had four assists. That’s a decent game.

* Here’s a GIF from Sean Gentille of The Sporting News, just to put the Stars win over the Flames in context. Kari Lehtonen only stopped 25 of 28 shots, but yeah:

Wasn’t too stressed at any point.


What Happened

Tyler Seguin

Let’s start with TyTy. He assisted on a goal, so y’know, his four goals will probably go unnoticed. (Yeah no.)

Okay, his goals might get noticed. Probably because the guy is a star.

His years learning to play in Boston are going to make him so valuable. Now it’s the fun part: just turn him loose.


What a call

It’s never about the commentator, but it’s really tough to do better than Jack Edwards does here. He kills the call on the Milan Lucic’s OT winner for the Bruins over Columbus.

Harry Neale is great at capturing the energy of a game. In this case, I thought Edwards showed a similar skill.


Age matters

Radko Gudas is tough as heck. If you’re Teemu Selanne though – like, in your 40s…it has to be unfun to deal with punks like him.



Oh that went in, eh?

Not that I’m bitter as an Isles fan – the Kings are my second favorite team (the gap is massive, I might be bitter) – but when pucks hit you in the logo, they shouldn’t go in, right?

At least this incredible goal went in, who could stop that…


Ahem. I actually don’t mind Poulin. I even kinda like him. But geez – he was a huge reason they didn’t get a point last night.


Wait, that’s Tampa’s record?

The Lightning, after last night’s destruction of one of the best teams in the West – Anaheim – moved to 7-0-0 in games against the Western Conference. They’re now 14-5-0.

Here’s your highlights, because geez – that happened? What an interesting team.


Wait, what’s happening?

Alexander Steen is having a bonkers year. I mean, if he’s even average from here on out he’s having a “star” year. But as it currently sits…he’s kinda The Man. This is bizarre. LOOK:

steen stats

Though, getting gifts like this…

…probably can’t last forever.

Luck aside, he’s established himself as a legit NHL scorer. This year he’s just taken the “legit scorer” label and taken it to The Next Level. Do with that what you will, hockey friends.


An Opinion

So, Tyler Seguin is tearing it up. I’m not saying here, I’m just saying…

Tyler Seguin for Team Canada?

I feel like if it weren’t for his reputation for partying, this would be a much more serious question.


Other News

* Holy crap: Chicago traded to get Kris Versteeg back, which is neat for them, but even better when you learn that the Panthers are going to eat half his salary for the next few years. He’ll be a Blackhawk at roughly 2.2 a year. It’s amazing. Here’s the deal, so you can decide for yourself if they made a good move or not:

* Good to see Jay and Dan last night. Also good to see Columbus really own the “Lumbus” nickname from Twitter last year and sort of combine the two on their lids.

…Okay, that’s just a mistake.

* And finally, the League decided you can’t give goaltenders and little extra something while cruising through their crease. Nazem Kadri got suspended for three games, which you can check out here:

Comments (24)

  1. the worst thing about poulin was his post game comments… taking absolutely no responsibility for either of those first 2 goals.. you had a good 2 periods, own up to your terrible play in the 3rd.

    • The bizarre thing about the first goal is that he’s not sliding across to the near post, which would explain why he was on one knee – he was ALREADY UPRIGHT and on that post, so all he has to do is rotate and square up. Voinov has nowhere to go with the puck and there’s nobody open in the middle. It was unfathomable.

  2. Bowman is brilliant…..or Tallon is dumb….either way I guess.

    • Actually I think Tallon opted to keep some of the cash just so he gets to the cap floor while still picking up two decent prospects. That was a trade of the now for future assets, both cap floor and in prospects.

      • Depressing to think about the fact they are doing so but I believe you are right. Florida kept the salary in large part to get the free cap hit and stay above the floor.

    • 3rd option – Tallon is still secretly on the ‘Hawks payroll…

  3. Love seeing Steen do well (though it smarts against the Avs), he played his junior and first pro hockey here in Gothenburg, but he is a career 9.8% shooter shooting 26.7%.

    • He has always frustrated me in years past by creating great chances/getting good looks and missing the net high and wide. When healthy, he’s played like this since around 2009, now he’s finally hitting twine. Hope it keeps up.

  4. Even if Seguin pans out to be an All-Star player for Dallas, odds are he was never going to develop into that player in Boston. Things were out of control and he needed a wake-up call.

    • Impressive foresight, can I get your psychic hotline 800 number?

      • Not sure Rich is right, but if he is, it might have to do with how Seguin was perceived by his teammates. If Boston isn’t planning on turning over their roster (and I don’t think they are) and Seguin was looked down on by the other guys on the team (which is the wild guess), then Seguin would be held back by the teammate who didn’t trust him.

        Put Seguin on a different team — one without preconceived notions — and he rises to his true talent level, because no one is holding him back.

        Like I said, *if*. But it’s an effect I’ve seen before.

        • More likely the issue was the style played in Boston. Defense-first system that rolls four lines that gets very few PP opportunities. Seguin is seeing two more minutes of ice-time per game and has more offensively minded linemates… is it any wonder that his production has increased?

          Consider that last year Seguin was on the ice for 20 goals against and 52 goals for (9PPG) giving him a +23 in 48 games. Already this year he has been on the ice for 14 against in 19 games.

          • Ehh, don’t buy that Boston had to move him for that reason. Two years ago he nearly scored 70 points playing on Bergeron’s line. With Jagr out (and Horton replaced by Iginla), he had a spot in the top-six. Moreover, Iginla is old enough that he could fall off a cliff at any moment, and Seguin young enough that he could take a big leap forward at any moment, too—I feel pretty good that Seguin could have nailed down that 1RW spot within two years.

          • Oh he definitely could have locked down the 1RW spot and in doing so the Bruins definitely couldn’t have kept Rask. Elite goalies trump elite forwards.

    • Can you tell us any more insider stores from the dressing room and management offices? Or are you just spouting tired nonsense perpetuated by supposed media reports?

    • Yeah Rich I was thinking the same thing. As a Boston fan I can’t help but wonder what might have been, but the fact is the trade motivated him in a way nothing else would. Kudos to Dallas for recognizing the opportunity.
      And Peverley isn’t doing too shabby either!

  5. Need to see a gif of Oshie’s reverse hit from last night. It was a thing of beauty.

  6. Weirdest bit to me about Tampa is they are 0-3 against Boston and 14-2 against all others.

    What’s more is that they were outscored 1-11 against Boston (0.33 – 3.67 per game) while outscoring the rest 60-33 (3.75-2.06 per game)

  7. I’m sorry, but unless Benn removes that mustache, there will be no Olympic consideration. We already had pedobear during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

  8. I take it Seguin didn’t take any advice from Joe Thornton & the San Jose Sharks when he celebrated his 4th goal?

  9. If you have 11 seconds or so you can see the career highlight reel showing every time Seguin spent time backchecking or doling out “vicious” hits. The kid’s a purse swinger.

  10. It’d be fun to send Gudas back through The Time Tunnel and have him try that BS on Gordie.

    • “Blood Donor” comes to mind… Gordie may have got 2, or 5, but he would have got Gudas for sure!

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